Please make sure you read the entire post[.](

Several months ago I asked the community here to make some posts about how to buy dogecoin. Many of you helped. Thank you!

There were many posts made by the community and they all have good information in them. Some of these posts have been kept up to date and they are below.


* [The Ultimate Simple Guide for Buying, Trading and Storing Dogecoin ](


* [How to buy Dogecoin in 5 easy steps in 5 easy hours](


* [How to Buy/Own Dogecoin: Lowest fees](


* [How to buy Doge for in 5 eezy steps (FOR DUMDUMS)](


* [How to Purchase Dogecoin in 2021](




* [How to buy Cryptocurrency in an easy way and get some free money by my referral.](


* [DOGECOIN – How to buy DOGE COIN with cheapest trading fee](


* [How to buy Dogecoin TODAY](


* [How To Buy DOGECOIN (Simple & Easy) UK,AUST,EUROPE,ASIA](


To the moon!

Bonus message – I’ve allowed referral links to be used in these posts and links even though they are not allowed to be used generally in the subreddit. NEVER listen to financial advice from anyone other than a professional financial advisor! That includes on reddits posts and comments.

Edit: The posts above can be edited any time by the people who wrote them. If you feel there is a serious error or mistake please send modmail and I will remove the post and ask the OP to sort it out.

Edit Edit.. This post was refreshed in April 2021, June and November. Once a post gets a few months old and reddit stops comments. We can’t have that! I have rearranged the posts above in order of the last time they were updated so the most updated posts are at the top.

Edit again this was updated for 2023 in February and also to refresh the comments section.

WARNING. Do NOT fall for hype. Don’t think you’re going to get instantly rich. Don’t trust random people offering financial advice. Cryptocurrency is the wild wild west of investing and many people want to take your money and run. You must ‘educated’ yourself with the good and the bad. You must understand what you’re doing.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin ๐ŸŽฏ

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