2 years ago, I called out FTX for being a fraud on this subreddit.

A part of me is happy that I called it right.

Another part of me is sad that I called it right.

Here was the original post: [](

I even made a little video out of it (I highly recommend checking out the YT video description, as I elaborate and go into further details than the reddit post): [](


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. The comments back then are my daily reminder not to trust anything the majority of this sub says.

  2. i would like to see how those who termed your post as misinformation back then would react to it now

  3. You nailed it!

    I wish i could see that video of him front running transactions but they made it private

  4. Good on you for calling it out! Those comments really aged like milk. Goes to show how easily people get swept up by rhetorics, and would die trying to defend those directly against their own self interest.

  5. I’m quite happy FTX, celcius and BlockFi went under. We are seeing a growing number of people willing to send their coins in cold storage. As usual, Bitcoin is antifragile.

  6. we saw the same downvotes with all the yield scams and it will happen again in the next wave.
    we see the same if you mention that Tether is a centralized shitcoin which will blow up at some point.

    mtgox happens again and again.

  7. Nice job.

    I’m proud that I never even hear of this tool or his exchange until after it collapsed.

  8. Hahahah so tempted to screenshot and dm them like 👀 but that’s petty. People were saying you had cognitive dissonance 😂😂😂

  9. Funny hate you got back then for the post. When I saw the liquidation rate from FTX compared to other exchanges I decided I would never use them. Luckily made this decision before they started to advertise from every source they could because younger me would’ve jumped into that pile of shit without a second thought.

  10. The participants in this subreddit didn’t cover themselves in glory that day. Considering that many of them are inactive, I assume they got wrecked.

  11. Look at all the losers in the first thread and in here acting like it isn’t a big deal. Good call pleb 🫡.

  12. Very close to 0% of the members this sub have any brain power. Just keep doing your best work.

  13. Good call. You should see if there is a way to short companies if you this again in future so you can make money from your research

  14. Yes you call out FTX but what really happened is not what you described in your post… I would say you’ve been just lucky ?

  15. You described every major exchange there is as Binance and bitmex do the same. Nothing new and you’re lost has nothing to do with their collapse

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