3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Ready for a Comeback

3 Reasons Bitcoin Is poised for a comeback.

1. Bitcoin Companies are regulated

Bitcoin has had government recognition and approval since 2014. In March 2014, the IRS issued Notice 2014-21 (the Notice), mandating that bitcoin was to be recognized as property, rather than currency for US federal income tax purposes. By giving financial markets clarity on what bitcoin is, an entirely new #bitcoin industrial complex has emerged as companies expand into the digital frontier.

2. #Bitcoin companies are registered.

Every major bitcoin mining company, bank, or exchange that wants to have any formidable stake in the bitcoin sector has to comply with their respective Government’s financial departments. Coinbase just recently partnered with Black Rock, the largest asset manager in the world, with almost 10 trillion dollars under management. Once the serious players become fully established, don’t be surprised if governments subsidize different bitcoin mining companies, which would in turn generate job growth (due to higher entry level wages) and help stabilize a dilapidated energy grid.

3. #Bitcoin politicians are respected.

Ted Cruz, Cynthia Lummis, and other politicians have adopted bitcoin as a storage of value. Both she and Ted Cruz spoke extensively at a forum hosted by The Heritage Foundation. Lummis has went on national television on more than one occasion and embraced bitcoin as a valuable property, as she is advocating for bitcoin as a retirement asset. In an interview at CNBC’s financial advisor summit she explained that it’s important to support a scarce asset, “I encourage people to by and hold…”

Ted Cruz orated on harnessing and recycling expended natural gas energy and using the excess natural energy to further stabilize the energy grid and mine for bitcoin, simultaneously. Within the next two presidential elections, bitcoin will be a serious political issue, as it represents absolute ownership of property.

Seizure of Property and assets is lawful through eminent domain and – if criminal activity is involved – civil forfeiture. Self-custody of bitcoin allows for American citizens to utilize their Constitutional Rights if their bitcoin ever came into question in regards to a lawful (or unlawful) seizure of assets. It is important that humans around the world retain their right to property ownership because individual property ownership is analogous to Life, Liberty, and a democracy.

Once more people understand the unique qualities that make bitcoin valuable property, politicians who enact local laws that enhance protections of bitcoin ownership will most likely be favored in campaign races. And the candidates who are in favor of protecting bitcoin property rights will eventually be encouraged to run for office.




hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. you are delusional…….Bitcoin doesn’t need government…..and price has no bearing on success

  2. None of those things matter in the long run.

    What does matter: Bitcoin is the new superior form of money.

    Throughout history, people have always migrated to use the superior form of money available to them.

  3. Irs isn’t the government. It’s one agency within it. Irs didn’t mandate anything. A notice isn’t a law. Other agencies, FinCEN, CFTC, and the courts still treat bitcoin differently. In some cases it’s money, in some it’s property, in some it’s a commodity. They do as they see fit. “The government” did not “recognize” and “approve” bitcoin.

    Coinbase partnering with big banks should be read as “big bank purchases some service from Coinbase.” In that case I’ve been personally partnering with Amazon for years. I tell them what to ship and where all the time (and pay for that of course).

    Going to skip politics. Those congresspeople don’t represent me and I don’t follow them.

    Ceasure is more difficult indeed. But you will give up your unconfiscable keys when your balls are in a Harbor Freight vice.

  4. >Ready for a Comeback

    Bitcoin never left, only the profit obsessed clout chasers.

    Good riddance to them, the real ones are right here still.

  5. Stop telling Reddit that Ted Cruz supports Bitcoin, you trying to cause a selloff or what.

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