5 FREE Play to Earn NFT Games NO Investments to PLAY in 2022 | NFT Game

5 FREE Play to Earn NFT Games NO Investments to PLAY in 2022 | NFT Game

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– What NFT marketplaces do you use the most?
Opensea, Rarible, Mintable,superrare
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Brave Browser
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NFT Games
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#5. Cosmic Universe.

Cosmic Universe is a fantasy-themed multi-planetary adventure-based role-playing game being developed on the Harmony blockchain. It is play-to-earn and integrates exclusive character and land NFT collections, focusing heavily on buying and developing land, harvesting and mining resources, acquiring skills and magic, and forging alliances, all while developing increasingly advanced plots and settlements on the home planet of Crypton and beyond. Following the play-to-earn model, anyone can earn token rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

#4. The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a virtual ecosystem, with its own metaverse, in which players can design worlds and characters, create multiple adventures and narratives, and build digital assets that can be traded with other players. Everything created can be placed on pieces of virtual land called LANDs, where players are able to develop interactive levels for other players to pay admission and play them.

#3. HodlGod’s.

Hodlgod is a 3D PvP (Player versus Player) Battle Royale computer/video game in a fantasy setting, utilizing decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT). It was developed by Onessus in September 2019 but was restructured from the ground up in 2020.

#2. Blankos Block Party.

Blankos Block Party is a something for everyone gaming experience hosted on the Mythical Games private Mythical chain. Players get to participate in solo adventures exploring the game’s world or organize epic block parties and compete with other gamers. 

#1. Mir4.

Mir 4 is a blockchain powered ‘play to earn’ 3D mobile MMORPG that is the latest official title in the Legend of Mir franchise: an isometric MMORPG game series well-known in China and South Korea. The core differentiator with Mir 4 is its crypto elements. Players can obtain a cryptocurrency called DRACO in Mir 4 by mining, crafting, and other in-game activities. The value of DRACO is ‘backed’ by the in-game utility of the token.


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