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A big whale has bought Shiba for more than 200 million dollars

On-chain data shows that the big cryptocurrency whale, which currently has more than $500 million in its wallet, owns more than 18.8 trillion Shiba Inu tokens. The accumulation of this huge amount of Shiba tokens by this account started in July of last year.

According to Valx and quoted by Crypto Globe, the purchases of this account started shortly after the price of Shiba fell in April 2022.

This digital currency whale has 18.8 trillion Shiba tokens with a value of more than 226 million dollars, and is one of the largest holders of this cryptocurrency in the world. This property is the most valuable part of his $500 million portfolio. The whale purchased Shiba at an average cost of $0.000015, which means he has already incurred an unrealized loss of $68 million on the asset.

The timeline of Shiba’s purchase by said whale

The second largest asset of this whale is Ethereum, which makes up $195 million of his capital portfolio. Polygon and China Link tokens have the next ranks with 42 and 13 million dollars. His positions in the two mentioned tokens are currently in profit at the time of writing.

Another important asset of this whale is the compound token (COMP), which started accumulating in July after its price fell. He has 8 million dollars of this token. The digital currency UniSwap (UNI) with $5.3 million is another asset in his portfolio. He is in profit from trading these two tokens.

The account’s six-month accumulation of Shiba Inu has made him the sixth largest Shiba holder. He owns about 1.88% of SHIB’s total supply.

After Shiba was launched in one of the major exchanges in South Korea, this currency has been placed among the top ranks of popular tokens.

Upbit exchange, which is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea after Binance, recently created the Shiba/won trading pair.

The big whales of the Ethereum network have bought more than 85 million dollars of this currency before the launch of the Shiba layer two network. On the other hand, this meme coin’s collaboration with the Bugatti automotive group in launching an exclusive NFT collection was very successful and the entire collection was sold out in just 4 minutes.

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