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A look at the new Valex trader bot strategy; Smart balance!

Trading bots are becoming one of the most important trading tools in the cryptocurrency world, tools that traders of all levels can use.

The digital currency trader robot is an automatic system that allows him to work instead of the investor and make transactions automatically. These robots also take into account information such as current prices and volatility levels and open and close buy or sell positions. All in all, it can be said that trader robots facilitate transactions.

Due to the lack of emotions and the influence of this indicator on the trading process, the robot trader often shows better performance compared to humans. In general, users who use these tools make fewer mistakes. According to estimates, algorithmic trading robots do about 70-80% of the total volume of digital currency transactions.

Valx family of trading bots

Valex, as the first Iranian digital currency exchange, has provided these tools to its users. Currently, this tool is available to users with three different strategies. The strategies that Valex users can use to create trading robots are selected based on different market conditions.

Spot Grid Robot

The spot grid robot is a trading strategy and one of the Valx Trader robots that seeks to profit from market fluctuations through the positioning of buy and sell orders.

One of the main advantages of the Spot Grid robot is that it is not influenced by human emotions. Understanding market dynamics, this robot manages trades based on market fluctuations and is the best way to profit from price gaps in the market.

If the price increases, the Valx trading robot will sell orders at the specified price, and when the price decreases, the robot will execute buy orders at the specified price.

Infinity Grid Robot

This robot is an improved version of the dot grid robot. In this Valex trading robot, you only need to determine the stop price in the market.

Infiniti Grid Valx robot is suitable for volatile markets with reasonable price growth. Infinite Grid Robot guarantees that your initial asset will always be fixed and will sell only when the price is suitable for selling and making a profit.

Infinite trading bot

Smart rebalance robot

This robot is responsible for setting up the users’ portfolio. You can set your profit and loss by activating this robot at certain time intervals or when your portfolio balance changes by a certain amount.

Smart rebalance robot

Suppose you have a basket of digital currencies, 50% of which is Bitcoin, 40% of which is Ethereum, and 10% of which is Tether. With the natural increase and decrease in the price of these currencies, part of your portfolio will be profitable and part of your portfolio will be loss-making. By using the Smart Rebalance robot, you can always keep the share percentage of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether at 50, 40 and 10%. This percentage balance allows you to use the profit from the increase in the price of one currency to compensate for the loss from the decrease in the price of another currency.

This robot uses two strategies to balance your portfolio:

  • Time balance strategy: In this strategy, you instruct the robot to check and balance your portfolio at certain intervals.
  • Percentage balance strategy: In this strategy, you instruct the robot to rebalance your portfolio after changing the share of each currency by a certain amount, regardless of the time since the last balance.

Valex trading robots, smart choice

In the digital currency market, fluctuations can be both a threat and an opportunity. In a market where prices fluctuate momentarily, choosing a safe strategy can provide you with better conditions. By using the Valx trading robot, you can easily manage market fluctuations and be known as a successful trader in the market.

A look at the bot strategy of the new Valex trader; Smart balance! The first time in the blog Valx. appeared.


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