Alejandra Guajardo surprises with her “Bitcoin suit” at Miss Universe

[The representative of El Salvador in the Miss Universe pageant, Alejandra Guajardo, has surprised with her choice for the “typical costume” that she used in the “National Costume Show” of the contest.](

Guajardo has given something to talk about by wearing a suit that pays tribute to Bitcoin, which became the official currency of El Salvador in 2021. Miss El Salvador wanted to show the world the evolution of the currency in the country.

The suit that Guajardo has worn was designed by the Salvadoran Francisco Guerrero, and, as he has described, tries to show the evolution of the currency in the history of El Salvador.

From cocoa, through the colon and the dollar to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was adopted for use in the country.

To make the suit, the Salvadoran designer has used materials such as cardboard, leatherette, leather, rhinestones, cloth, and iron. The predominant colors of gold, silver and bronze represent the “main colors of the coin”.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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