BAD NEWS For Solana || Bitcoin Miners Are DISAPPEARING!!

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download BAD NEWS For Solana || Bitcoin Miners Are DISAPPEARING!!

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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Bitcoin above a Million? LOL. Crypto is a scam. And Blockchain is simply an Internet ledger that's been around since 1991. And Inflation will subside just like it ALWAYS does. This guy really needs to wake up.

  2. Bitcoin miners, at least in the west, will be shutting down mines for the foreseeable future. Central asia and Russia are the exception as they are subsidizing electrical power for crypto miners. 2023 will continue recession. We wait for Fed to start lowering rates again and for the next date of bitcoin halving; this is when we have another earnest bull economy.

  3. That's bad news indeed for Solana, especially those NFT games like SolChicks. I'm planning to risk and and maybe buy some SOL while I keep tabs on Polygen's future raises and stake PGEN for passive income.

  4. Humm btc earnings still around 49000 to 50000 on my S19xp per day. Obviously most still have their miners running. Got this miner in September and made 54000 satoshis a day back then.

  5. Buying NFT’s right now too, I just recently got an Okay Bear on Solana and a lot on Cardano

  6. I don't want to sound like a spammer, but I recommend you take a closer look at the IguVerse project. On December 29, the $IGUP token will be listed on the MEXC platform. This project combines P2E M2E S2E systems, I highly recommend you take a look at it

  7. What you're all hoping for is a sharp rise in bitcoin, but miraculously this is not inflationary! Bitcoin cannot go to zero soon enough so that the economic illiterates can take a break before embracing the next Ponzi scheme. The replacement for "can I sell you swamp land in Florida?" is "you've got to get some crypto".

  8. Alt-coins? NFTs? Why? Where do they get their value? What problems do they solve? If they solve any problem, is "the" problem worth solving?

  9. The first two minutes is pure delusional fantasy crypto land jib jab. In one day, in one hour all your crypto dreams will come crashing down. Pain, tears and broken dreams of never having to work wealth will only be satisfied by suicide or having to take prescription mental meds forever to ease the deception and lies you believed to be the truth.

  10. Dear god please somebody tell him that the 7.1% CPI number DOES INCLUDE FOOD AND ENERGY. 3rd time I’ve seen it… you’re thinking of core inflation which is 6%. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Exchanges falling, Solana falling Miners activity falling. Great news nobody likes them anyways

  12. Great knowledge Toby Blessed you encouraged Maria to do YouTube Thank you for helping others expand and grow. Appreciate you and Heidi

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