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Bitcoin network difficulty set a new record

Bitcoin network mining difficulty grew by 4.68% on Sunday, January 29th, reaching its all-time high.

According to Wallex and quoted by Forkast, the difficulty of mining the Bitcoin network reached 39.35 trillion in block number 774144. In the previous two weeks, this index grew by 10.26%.

The recent mining difficulty of the Bitcoin network is nearly 50% higher than on January 21 of last year, when the amount of this index was 26.64 trillion.

The difficulty of the Bitcoin network, which determines the amount of computing power required to confirm blocks on the blockchain, is revised approximately every two weeks.

The hash rate of the Bitcoin network, which is a measure of the computing power used by miners, was 311 exahs/s on Monday, which was an increase from the figure of 274.69 exahs/s recorded on January 16.

Bitcoin price increased by 2% in the last 24 hours. Market data shows that the price of Bitcoin has increased by nearly 43% in the past month.

Despite the recent price increase, Bitcoin analysis shows that the profitability of mining has decreased from $0.185 per thrash per second to $0.074 in the past day.

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