Bitcoin Podcasts That Dive Deep & Are Not Solely Focused on Price

What are you guys listening to these days? I have unsubbed from most podcasts that do nothing but technical analysis and discuss price. Here are some I am currently listening to. Would love to get your recommendations.

1. Trader University (Matt Kratter): [](
2. Robert Breedlove: [](
3. Saifedean Ammous: [](
4. Preston Pysh: [](
5. What Bitcoin Did: [](
6. Natalie Brunell: [](
7. Bitcoin Audible (Guy Swann): [](
8. Bitcoin Layer: [](

And, of course, there are particular people who pop up on various channels but don’t have a channel of their own.

1) Michael Saylor

2) Lynn Alden

3) Gregg Foss

4) Jeff Booth

5) Lawrence Lepard

6) Jason Lowery

7) Cory Klippsten

Any others you recommend?


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. In order of priority lately it’s been.
    1. What Bitcoin Did
    2. We study Billionaires(Wednesday’s)
    3. Bitcoin Matrix
    4. Citadel Dispatch
    5. TFTC/Rabbithole Recap
    6. Bitcoin Audible. (Used to be my number 1 but aside from the Gigi reads haven’t connected much with it lately. Priceless when I first started down the rabbit hole though.
    7. What is money.(has some real good BTC episodes once in a while)
    8. The Bitcoin standard.

    As far as people, Jeff Booth, Gigi, Mark Moss, Alex Svetski are also great thinkers in the space.

  2. Let me say, this is a fantastic list you’ve put together!!! Both the podcasts and the people.

    Only one I’d add is The Bitcoin Breakout with Jack Spirko.

  3. Citadel Dispatch should be #1 on this list.

    Rabbit hole recap should also be one here.

  4. How is Saifedean doing. Still an oil maximalist? He has been making less and less sense last year.

  5. You already mentioned most of the podcasts I listen to, Preston Pysh is probably my favorite, but here’s a few others I’ve come across in case you’re interested:

    Swan Bitcoin has a YouTube channel where they post content from many Bitcoiners, and they have their Swan Signal podcast which is pretty good. Cory Klippsten is the CEO of Swan Bitcoin, so he appears in some of the content.
    [Swan Bitcoin](

    Here’s one that focuses mainly on general macroeconomics, but is Bitcoin-friendly and often includes Bitcoin in their shows.
    [Blockworks Macro](

    A couple other lesser-known, but still decent podcasts:
    [Blockware Intelligence](

    [Kevin Rooke](

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