can someone explain this transaction to me?


I only sent 0.00057971BTC to the address ending in Bypm from my ledger nano and not a single satoshi more, but further down it says that I also sent another 0.00512075BTC to an address ending in fjx6, which I never did, I don’t understand.

does this make any sense?

I see the history of my transactions and the second one does not exist.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. You wanted to spend $1 but the smallest note you had was a $10, you gave the shop keeper the $10 and he gave you back $9 – this is what just happened here. The address ending in fjx6 is you ‘change’ address.

    Lookup UTXO for more info.

  2. UTXOs need to be spent in full.

    You spent a 0.00570329 BTC UTXO (unspent transaction output).

    You sent 0.00057971 BTC to 3AFa8T4r6C5PNNz3jC748JVa1G7mc5Bypm.

    You paid 0.00000283 BTC for the transaction fee.

    0.00512075 BTC was sent to your change address at bc1quvesalm2d6d37crtd8msmutxpa8yxccka7fjx6.

    Think of it like breaking a bill. You have a twenty dollar bill and you want to buy something that costs three dollars. The merchant is going to give you back seventeen dollars as change. You had a UTXO of 0.00570329 BTC and you wanted to send 0.00057971 BTC + the 0.00000283 BTC transaction fee, so you received 0.00512075 BTC as change.

  3. This wont be the best explination but ill try:

    What BTC does it destroys the old BTC to avond double spending.
    In this example that you shared you get he 0.00057 while the rest of the remining BTC goes to a change adress back to the orgional owner under a new adress.

    Trezor has an article about it that helped me understand.

  4. Bro the address ending by fjx6 also belongs to your ledger nano because it’s the change address.

  5. If you sent less than the total btc that you had in that address, the second one is a change address. BTC moved to a new address that is linked to your ledger account / mnemonic

  6. Your wallet send it to itself. For further information study how UTXOs work.

  7. Wallets manage a whole lot of bitcoin addresses. They create new ones for basically every transaction, outgoing and incoming. With your “wallet password” you unlock all the private keys from all the bitcoin addresses that your wallet has ever created for you. Don’t worry that 2 user’s wallets will ever create the same address for both. That will never happen

  8. The other one is probably your change address.

    Bitcoin spends the whole coin in every transaction you do. So you sent the intended amount to the address you wanted initially, the rest of the funds went to another address (that is still of your own ownership). This is done usually for privacy benefits, it is a good practice to use a BTC address only once.

    Your wallet software will do it for you.

  9. Bitcoin is a cash system, not an account

    A Bitcoin transaction does not subtract a payment amount from your wallet balance. It spends at least one coin, completely. In this transaction, your wallet contains a coin with 0.00570329, which is greater than the amount you want to spend

    The transaction has two outputs, a payment with an amount smaller than teh coin being spent, and a change amount sending the difference to a new address in your wallet

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