Can’t withdraw funds from – Error message: “Transaction could not be submitted”

Doesn’t matter which amount I try to withdraw or to which address, I can’t withdraw at all anymore from [](

Every time I try to send a transaction I get the same error message: “Transaction could not be submitted”.

Does anyone know why? How do I fix this?


Edit: I also can’t use the “sweep address” feature now. “Failed to load wallet”.

Edit 2: okay, was able to redeem all my dogecoins via the sweep feature using a different device with a different IP. No clue what the problem was here.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Looks like there are two Dogechains a Dogechain explorer and a layer 2 Dogechain using the Polygon network. Way to many uses of the Doge name out there.

  2. #No problem!

    Just use (ideally a local copy you’ve downloaded so you don’t expose your keys to the internet) and your keys.

    You DID grab a copy of your keys, right?

    Given that a wallet is just a number, as in the private key, all you need is that key and a way to create and sign transactions. Which does for you.

    Also, in case there’s a network error, gives you a choice of three. And of course you can always just copy the signed transaction and broadcast it on any node at all in the event all three fail.

    Unrelated, but in a similar vein, never use a blockchain explorer on the same network as where you sent the transaction. That’s why I always recommend bitinfocharts, since it doesn’t offer any other services.

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