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Cardano ADA “Bullish”: In today’s video we breakdown this weekends Vasil events & discuss why this is a very bullish sign for Cardano, take a look at the progress surrounding Vasil, AADA Finance update, Muesliswap lending NFT bond DEX, World Mobiles development diary progress in the US & the Cardano summit dates/location confirmed!

Sometimes events take place in our ecosystem that inadvertently fuel the very misinformation we have all become so frustrated and tired of seeing across the mainstream media publications. In the real time, the vacuum of social media can easily lead to split opinions, misunderstandings and from the outside looking in form the perception of trouble in Cardano paradise. But when you strip it right back, search for context and really drill down to the raw facts, what occurred over this past weekend is just the result of an extremely passionate community evolving, stepping up to the challenge as the power shifts from the hands of IOG over to the Cardano community and there are many positives to be taken from this. What we witnessed in effect is what true decentralization looks like, disagreements, discussions, solutions the sign that the community is taking equal responsibility in steering the Cardano Blockchain safely through its stages of development. Above all the Cardano community demonstrates once again that it’s fully engaged and capable alongside IOG in journeying towards full governance. If anything recent events have only made me more bullish on Cardano and the amazing community that we are all a part of.


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00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Vasil progress & perspective on weekends events
08:18 – AADA Finance readying for launch
10:15 – Muesliswap lending & NFT bond DEX
11:27 – World Mobile US development update
13:06 – Cardano summit dates/location confirmed
13:35 – Outro


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Disclaimer: This Video is NOT financial advice, all topics discussed are my personal opinions or information obtained from my own research. Always remember to DYOR (Do your own research)


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  1. Muesliswap looked SO SUSPICIOUS when they appeared out of nowhere with a working dex. No real info about the development team (their dev web page presented cartoon avatars and first names only), no public engagement prior to their launch. Turned out to be real. Make sure you know how to pronounce it: MUSE-lee.

    The last quarter of 2022 is shaping up to be a blockbuster for Cardano. Maybe not necessarily in terms of token price, but in terms of blockchain activity. Eventually, that activity WILL translate to price appreciation.

  2. At this writing (8/22, 8:51pm CST), SPO adoption of node 1.35.3 is between 33-34%, according to Cardano PoolTool. At 75%, IOG can launch the Vasil hard fork. We're almost half way there. At this rate, we'll get to 75% by the end of August.

  3. I wonder if there maybe a shark swimming around looking to be a whale? Or just talking up the my buy book?

  4. Thanks for another great video… keep on keeping it real… we need your perspective to clearly see the bigger picture

  5. Said it before and I'll say it again! Your channel is massively underrated! 😤

  6. Agreed. Cardano’s community is so much more sophisticated than any other. I think that’s down to the combination of the competitor chains baselessly fudding anything Cardano out of fear (this presumably shoos away anyone without the knowledge of and conviction in the project to stick out whatever difficulties come) and Charles’ AMAs, which likely only appeal to the more sophisticated sorts of people with an interest in crypto. So, ironically, maximalist clowns and SOLtards have actually been doing us a favor all this time.

  7. Yes SAPIEN. Been looking forward to an update from you. Thanks 👍 🙏 👊🦬🦞👻💣🔥

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