Coinbase’s CEO Cites ‘Rumors’ the SEC May Ban Crypto Staking for Retail Customers

Does this mean buying and selling bitcoin is in jeopardy? What will this do to bitcoin price up or down?

[Coinbase’s CEO Cites ‘Rumors’ the SEC May Ban Crypto Staking for Retail Customers (](


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. No it means staking w some companies may be considered illegal at some point. Staking is where u hold on their platform and get an APY. It’s been more attractive than traditional savings accounts lately that’s probably why it’s a target.

  2. If true those staking idiots will get out of various shitcoins and come to btc once and for all. Bullish.

  3. You can’t stake Bitcoin, only lend it to degens (don’t recommend, just hold yourself)

  4. Calm down. Bitcoin is fine. Bitcoin is going to be just fine.

    If true, this means that idiots will have to find other ways to get scammed besides lending Bitcoin for interest.

  5. The fed is always trying to push there FUDsicle anywhere they can lol. Most places don’t appreciate it

  6. It’s a pointless effort. Most can be staked by the individual without the assistance of the exchange quite easily. It would simple result people pulling their holdings out of exchanges.

  7. Another post intended to confuse Bitcoin with Crypto.

    Did I say “intended”?


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