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Cool Wallet hardware wallet training

People who work in the world of cryptocurrencies, to keep or exchange digital currencies, to a Hardware wallet or they need software to provide them with all the necessary facilities in this field. Cool Wallet (Cool Wallet) one Hardware wallet It has the advantages of a hot and cold wallet at the same time. The CoolVault Model S wallet is one of the most popular hardware options that has been able to perform well in the presence of tough competitors such as Ledger, Trezor and SafePal. In the following, you will get to know the features of this wallet and how to set it up and use it.

Cool Volt S model wallet

Some people prefer to physically carry their cryptocurrency wallet with them, so they use cold wallets or hardware wallets. The CoolVault wallet is one of the most popular hardware wallets that was designed and released in 2018 with the slogan of an everyday wallet for people active in the cryptocurrency world. CoolBit X Company The creator of this wallet was founded and launched in 2014 with the aim of developing cold wallets.

Using Cool Wallet, users can send, receive, save and swap different cryptocurrencies. Due to having the features of hardware and software wallets at the same time, CoolVault has solutions for storing digital currencies in a cold and warm way. In fact, the feature of easy access to assets that is a feature of software wallets is combined with the advanced security that is a feature of hardware wallets, in Cool Volt Model S.

How to use CoolVault hardware wallet

If you are one of those people who have chosen Cool Wallet to send and receive, exchange and store your cryptocurrency, you need to take a series of steps before using and setting it up. In the continuation of the Cool Volt hardware wallet training, we are going to explain the necessary steps step by step.

Device recognition

Cool Volt model S wallet has a beautiful and stylish design and its dimensions are the size of a bank card. This wallet is very light and flexible with a weight of 5 grams. Cool Volt is resistant to water penetration and temperature changes, and is safe from tampering. When you first encounter this card, you will see parts on it, the function of each of which is as follows:

  • Serial number: In the upper corner there is a serial number, which is used to synchronize the wallet with the mobile application.
  • Physical button: A smart and hidden button located almost in the middle of the card and leaning to the right. This button is sensitive to physical pressure and is used for authentication in any transaction or setting in the mobile application. In fact, the physical button is the unique feature of Cool Wallet to keep your assets safe.
  • Display: On the card is a small display with technology E-Paper It is designed to be seen as another layer of security. Details such as battery charge, connection status and transaction information are displayed on it.
  • Charging port: This port is used to connect the device to the power source and charge its battery.

Download the application

The first step to start and use the CoolVault wallet is to download its application on the mobile phone. Owners of phones equipped with Android and iOS operating systems can go to the software store to get the CoolBitX Crypto application. Google Play (Google Play) and up Store (App Store) and install the program on your phone after downloading.

Recharge wallet

The card must be connected to a power source for the initial setup and firmware update of this cryptocurrency wallet. To do this, connect the charging cable to the card until you hear a click. You need about 2 hours to fully charge Cool Volt and you can use it for up to 3 months. But to get the best battery life, it is recommended to connect the card to the charger at intervals of 1 month.

Synchronization with Cool Volt application


The first and most important step to start sending and receiving, swapping and storing cryptocurrency in the CoolVault hardware wallet is to synchronize the card with the application installed on the smartphone. To synchronize the card with the mobile application, you must do the following:

  1. Program CoolBitX Crypto Run on your mobile phone and allow the app to use Bluetooth. After turning on the Bluetooth in the mobile phone, click on the Connect button and then hold the physical button on the card for a while until the card turns on. After turning on the card and establishing a connection between the card and the smartphone through Bluetooth technology, a window for entering the serial number will appear on the phone. At this stage, enter the serial number inserted on the card in the relevant box and click on Connect.
  2. After this step, a code for synchronizing the card with the smartphone will be displayed on the screen on the card. At this stage, enter the displayed code in the Bluetooth synchronization request box on the phone and click on the Pair or synchronization option. At this point it may state that the operating system needs to be updated to the latest version.
  3. If you see a message about the need to update the operating system, first connect the card to charge; Because this process may take between 2 and 10 minutes. After finishing the process and seeing the updated version of the operating system, click on the Complete option.

Create or restore a wallet

After syncing the CoolVault hardware wallet with the mobile phone, it’s time to create a new wallet or Wallet recovery The stock arrives. At this stage, the user can choose one of the two options Create or Recover. If the user does not already have a wallet, he must select the create option, and if he wants to recover his old wallet, he must select Recover.

Installing the Cool Volt wallet

Generating the Seed phrase

There are two options in front of the users to generate the Seed expression. One way to generate the Seed term is by card (By Card) and another method is to generate the Seed term by the program (By App). Generating the phrase by the program is faster; But it is less secure than the method of generating a phrase with a card. At this stage, you can also choose the desired length for the Seed phrase from among the options 12, 18 and 24.

If you choose the option with the card, each time you press the physical button on the card, the words Seed will appear randomly one after the other on the screen of the card, and you have to write down each one. After finishing displaying the expressions, a box will appear in the program asking the user to enter the sum of the displayed expressions.

If you choose to generate phrases by the program, phrases will appear randomly on the phone screen, which you need to note down carefully and then select them in the correct order to create or restore the wallet.

Choice of cryptocurrencies

In the last step, after creating a wallet on CoolVault, the user must select the cryptocurrencies he wants to add to the wallet.

CoolVault hardware wallet; The best hot and cold voltage

In this article, we tried to teach users and those interested in using this digital currency wallet how to set up and start working with one of the best and most popular hardware wallets, i.e. Cool Wallet. This wallet is considered one of the best hardware wallets for all types of digital currencies, which combines the easy access features of software wallets with the high security of hardware wallets. If you have experience working with this wallet and know something special about it, write to us.

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