Crypto Investors have a “herd-like mentality”

This groundbreaking analysis concludes that lower-Low-income, young males are the most likely to invest in cryptocurrencies. They tend to exhibit “herd-like behavior,” investing when prices rise and losing money when they decline; typical behavior during financial bubbles. These latecomers are also the least knowledgeable and least able to withstand losses. These investors also follow a “hail Mary” strategy similar to investing in lotteries, making a low probability, high reward bet. Another reason given by crypto investors is the poor outlook for attractive returns on stocks and bonds. #investing #money #cryptocurrencies #ezrazask #investing #financialbubbles #investmentstrategies #digitalassets #digitalmoney


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. I don’t even need to read this shit to know just how much of a meme this is…

    Herd mentality in investing has been around since before candlestick charts were created.
    It’s human nature… not something unique to “crypto” or BTC

    EVERY single asset class they are involved in is subject to herd mentality.

  2. That’s shitcoins tho. All the early btc ppl and most hodlers are actually the least sheeple people on earth.

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