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“Crypto trading addiction” is on the list of services at a Spanish rehab center

A luxury rehabilitation and rehabilitation center in Spain recently offers services aimed at treating a relatively new type of addiction; Crypto trading addiction.

According to Wallex and quoted by Coin Telegraph, “The Balance” center, which is an institution in the field of health and registered in Switzerland, has a center in the Spanish island of Mallorca and offices in London and Zurich.

This institution, which has been dealing with the treatment of behavioral disorders and alcohol and drug addiction for many years, has recently provided services aimed at combating addiction to cryptocurrency trading.

In the BBC report from this center, there is a conversation with one of the customers of this course. He says he decided to join the course after making $200,000 worth of trades a week so he could quit crypto.

A four-week treatment course that includes therapy, massage and yoga can cost up to $75,000. On the other side of Europe, Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland has been treating cryptocurrency traders addicted to the high adrenaline of the business since 2018. This center has accepted more than 100 patients during these years.

Castle Craig Rehabilitation Centre

Diamond Rehabilitation Center in Thailand also offers similar services for the treatment and rehabilitation of cryptocurrency trading addiction. According to this collection, rehabilitation takes place through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI) and psychodynamic therapy (PT).

The general opinion of experts is that the very high excitement of digital currency trading and its extreme volatility, along with its 24-hour and unstoppable nature, have prepared the conditions for severe addiction.

Based on gambling disorder statistics, the Family Addiction Specialist article estimates that about 1 percent of cryptocurrency traders will develop severe pathological addiction, and 10 percent will experience other problems beyond financial loss. One of the symptoms of this addiction, according to this article, is constant price checking, even in the middle of the night.

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