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Cyber ​​Dragon game training; Introducing the Metaverse Cyber ​​Dragon game and making money from it

The revolution of the world of cryptocurrency in the financial markets has also been extended to the world of computer games. Now, in addition to popular PlayStation games, there are also games based on blockchain networks known as P2E or Play to Earn. Play Cyber ​​Dragon, is one of the online and blockchain-based games that, in addition to digital currency, you can also use NFT in Metaverse to earn money. This game has characters, fighting characters, items, NFTs and various features that provide the possibility of earning money for a gamer interested in digital currencies.

Play Virtual dragon Cyber ​​Dragon is one of the best games in Metaverse and in the environment Binary X platform (BinaryX) is done. Gamers can have an exciting and of course profitable experience with the facilities of the Metaverse environment and the DeFi platform. If you are interested in the game and feel that you have a special talent in defeating the dragon, join us in Cyber ​​Dragon game training!

Meet BinaryX: Cyber ​​Dragon Ecosystem

This article is a comprehensive and complete guide to learn Cyber ​​Dragon game and how to register in it. Of course, it is better to introduce the platform that hosts this project to you before starting anything. Game Cyber ​​Dragon in Protocol BinaryX which is decentralized. Binary X is always mentioned as an innovative protocol that joined the Gamefi world in August 2021. Many analysts believe that the world of GameFi has not only transformed the world of computer and online games, but also brought the possibility of benefiting from the capabilities of the DeFi platform.

Cyber ​​Dragon game, of the type of games MMOPRG and due to the dependence on the blockchain system, DeFi rules are implemented in it. Gamers can use various features and tools, including NFTed use to earn significant income. The goal of launching this game is to make the BinaryX project the most interesting and innovative GameFi project. It is only in the Cyber ​​Dragon game that gamers can use their imagination in the blockchain network and earn significant income from it. The interesting thing is that a gamer in the GameFi world can earn almost as much as a trader in the cryptocurrency world.

To learn more about the Binary X project, read the article What is bnx?

Introducing the characters of the game Cyber ​​Dragon

Gamers can do their daily mining by choosing any of the following characters and continue playing the missions assigned to them in the Metaverse environment of this game. It is always possible to improve the skills and capabilities of these characters, and the gamer has freedom of action in advancing his goals. To earn tokens BNX In Cyber ​​Dragon game, consider the following three characters and their characteristics:

The resistant character of the game, Rogue

This character has the highest skill (Agility) and can have a very significant resistance to damage and threats. If you play as a team, this character can steal equipment needed by the team from competitors and collect gold.

Knight fighter, Knight

The knight character is a skilled fighter who can bring many rewards to his team members. Of course, note that this character is not very strong in terms of fighting, and you can’t count on his fighting power that much.


The warrior character always acts as a protector and has the highest level of strength and growth potential among others. The weakness of this character is the impossibility of using armor or shield, and this issue makes it fragile. By relying on the intelligence and spirit of this character, you can get the necessary equipment in the Cyber ​​Dragon game and improve the ability level of your teammates.

A look at the statistics of users and the scenario of Cyber ​​Dragon

According to the information provided on the site, more than 118 thousand users are currently competing in the Cyber ​​Dragon game. The story of the Cyber ​​Dragon game is told in a way that the rhythm of the game is in the style RPG Or it is role-playing, it should match. In this game, gamers must find rare items and use them and heroes found in the form of NFT tokens to defeat the dragons of the story.

The process of this crypto game continues until the payments earned by the gamer fill the game coffers. When the treasury is completely filled, the dragon becomes powerful and grows. The end of the game is where the protagonist finally succeeds in defeating the dragon and destroys him. With the defeat of the dragon, all the payments of the treasury, which have been converted into treasure, are presented to the hero. Cyber ​​Dragon is one of the most successful games in the world of Metaverse. Many gamers and users, in addition to buying land in Metaverse, play games like Cyber ​​Dragon to make an investment in addition to entertainment.

The ability to mint heroes with tokens BNX

The possibility of mint or so called “multiplying” is one of the capabilities that exist under the title of hero mint in the Cyber ​​Dragon game. This feature depends on tokens BNX It provides the possibility to obtain various game tools in the form of NFT tokens. Simply put, you, as a gamer, can spend any BNX token to obtain a game class, a feature, or a collaboration. These achievements can only be obtained by minting heroes and you can finally transfer or sell each hero freely.

The possibility of upgrading game characters with tokens BNX

The ability to improve the capabilities and characteristics of the game characters by spending tokens BNX There is. A gamer, in order to be able to upgrade his desired character in the game, needs a token with the title GOLD token use. token GOLD can be done by paying tokens BNX achieved; Obviously, the higher the desired character level, the more GOLD tokens are needed for it.

Of course, the GOLD token can also be obtained through the rewards and rewards obtained through the Cyber ​​Dragon game adventures. Some of the adventures in this game, such as Black Holes (dungeon adventures) and the daily drawing feature need to conquer higher levels and for this you have to play more. It is possible that various errors and bugs may occur during the update and upgrade of the game characters and the NFT mint related to the heroes of the game will be stopped. Finally, you must remember that when an error occurs, you must wait for the problem to be solved in the system and do not leave the game scene.

What skills can be with BNX Buy?

bnx token in bsc

Maybe this question has arisen in your mind, what is the use of BNX gaming token and what skills can be provided with it for the characters of the Cyber ​​Dragon game. The following features are among the attributes that a character can have and the gamer must constantly upgrade them:

  • Power (Power: Energy)
  • Agility
  • Game structure (Constitution: structure)
  • Intelligence: Wisdom
  • Willpower: Spirit
  • Spirits and supernatural powers (Spirits: God)

Video tutorial to download Cyber ​​Dragon game

Connecting the wallet to Cyber ​​Dragon

The requirement to start playing Cyber ​​Dragon is to connect to a wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We start from the digital wallet metamsk (Metamask) as well as digital currency BNB We used it to pay the fees (gas).

After connecting to the Metamsk wallet, to the site Go and tap the option Connect Wallet click.

Information about the token BNX

bnx token token and cyber dragon game

The BinaryX platform has not provided any information about its native token tokenomic system. Of course, other public sources in the field of cryptocurrency have provided reliable statistics about the BNX token, but what is the maximum amount of BNX token that can be supplied? According to these statistics, the maximum The release of BNX token like Bitcoin, 21 million Is. Despite the low value of BNX, some believe that a long-term investment in this digital currency can lead to making money in the crypto market.

Tokens earned in the first few days of users’ mining period are automatically locked. After the BNX token mining period is over, the digital assets will be unlocked. It should be noted that the distribution statistics of BNX tokens issued to date are as follows:

  • Tokens related to awards and rewards within the system: 30%
  • Initial liquidity for USD-based trading pairs: 26.67%
  • Genesis mining bonus: about 33.3%
  • Tokens distributed among founding team members: 10%

It is also necessary to know that no information about the vesting periods of BNX tokens has been provided. With all these features, the current circulating supply of this token is estimated to be equal to 2 million BNX tokens.

Cyber ​​Dragon, a space for fun and making money

Cyber ​​Dragon game is one of the most popular games based on blockchain networks, which has made it possible for gamers to earn money. You can play both as a trader and as a professional gamer by entering this game, which is located in the BinaryX project. The Iranian Valx exchange has created these conditions so that you, as a Cyber ​​Dragon gamer, can purchase your BNB digital currency and enter the game.

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