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Gala Games; Full review of an exciting and promising project

The link of the world computer games And blockchain networks are one of the most interesting combinations of technology. Thanks to this combination, tokens have become a usable currency in the gaming environment and have expanded their uses. So far, various projects such as Discentral (Decentralized) And Sandbox (Sandbox They have advanced to provide computer games services on blockchain; But in the meantime, the Gala Games project has been able to move the boundaries of this field by benefiting from its innovations. But what is Gala Games and what are its goals? Stay with us in the rest of this article.

What is GalaGames?

GalaGames is a company providing computer games on the blockchain platform. The goal of this project is to integrate the technology of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with the world of computer games. Gala in 2019 by Eric Shirmeier, Wright Thurston And Michael McCarthy started its activity. Shirmeier and McCarthy previously had the experience of entering the game industry by founding Zynga and working in the field of mobile game development.

The Gala project quickly attracted the attention of gamers and publishers of computer games, thanks to its attractive features and, of course, providing a completely free platform. At present, the Gala platform has 14 games under development and 2 games in the beta stage. Also, this platform receives 1.3 million active players on a monthly basis. The attractive prospect of this project has attracted the attention of some of the leading names in the Web 3 industry, such as Polygon and Brave.

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How does the Gala Games project work?

The Gala Games project provides a platform similar to the Steam and Epic Games platforms for computer game enthusiasts. By logging in Gala websiteYou can choose one of the available games. These games completely free and to experience them, you will only need a simple registration. Every game on this platform is the same Decentralized application or DApp works.

Gala was initially run only on the Ethereum blockchain platform; But the high transaction fee in this network caused many problems for its users. In 2021, the Gala Games project also offered its services on several other blockchain networks such as Polygon and Binance. As a result, Gala users can perform their transactions with a low fee and a higher speed.

Of course, this project intends to develop its native blockchain network in the near future. To perform in-app transactions in this project, you will need to purchase Gala Token (GALA). Using this NFT created on ERC-20 format, you can make in-app payments of your choice.

Among the games available on this project, 2 games can be played on the Gala website without the need to install and just by using a browser. To experience other games, you will need to download and install the launcher on your computer or laptop. Of course, the process of doing this is very simple and you can easily download and run the game with just a few clicks and selecting the installation location.

Earn Gala Games from the game

NFT market in Gala

Gala Games has a dedicated NFT marketplace for its games ecosystem. Users of this network can make their purchases using digital currencies and tokens such as BAT, Ether (ETH) and GALA. Also, this project offers its users a dedicated wallet to store NFT and Gala tokens. You can use your NFTs to invest and sell in the future or as in-app money to buy and upgrade items you want.

On July 13, 2022, Gala officially announced that all its NFTs can be purchased directly through the OpenSea platform. For this purpose, users need to import their wallet from Gala to MetaMask wallet.

Gala, a win-win game for publishers and gamers!

One of the unique features that sets Gala apart from its competitors is its special attention to video game publishers as well as the needs of video game enthusiasts. Today, most of the gaming platforms on the blockchain platform focus on In-game finances (GameFi) have placed In this method, users can earn money by playing; But the priority of receiving tokens is higher than game experience.

But Gala Games has a different vision and focuses more on the fun side of games. The purpose of this platform is to provide an attractive and enjoyable experience in the world of computer games and then add Play-to-Earn methods to the games. In other words, users of this platform can literally enjoy playing and increase their digital tokens that can be bought and sold.

Of course, Gala also pays special attention to computer game publishers. This project is trying to bring the profit obtained from the in-app purchases of the games directly to the publishers. Therefore, game development companies will also be very eager to cooperate with this project. Fortunately, the existence of previous successful examples, such as the UFO Gaming platform, has made computer game developers pay more attention to blockchain technology, and this issue will also affect the future of Gala.

Earn money with blockchain games

Introducing Gala blockchain games

Gala Games platform includes a wide range of games in different genres such as strategy games (RTS), multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), role-playing games (RPG) and other popular genres. In the following, we have examined some of the games of this project.

Town Star

Startown is the first game launched in the Gala ecosystem. This game was developed by the Gala Games team and is currently available in Beta stage contract. The award-winning Star Town game The best blockchain game AIBC It was in 2022. In this game you are responsible for managing a small town. Products such as milk, oil, eggs and other agricultural products are produced and sold in this city. The goal of this game is to continuously produce goods, sell and expand the city.

Blockchain Star Town game is available completely free and without paying anything. To experience this game, you only need to create an account on the Gala Games website. In late 2021, this game offered its users the possibility to earn money with TOWN tokens and other NFT items. Inside this game, there is a scoreboard for the competition, which calculates the amount of your reward in the form of TOWN tokens. In addition, it is possible to buy NFT items to upgrade and produce more products in this game.

However, as of July 17, 2022, the TOWN token reward scheme has been suspended to review the economic aspect of the game; But the increase in the number of developers of this game by Gala Games increases the hope of users for the future of Star Town.

Start Town game

Spider Tank

Spider Tank is the second game in the Gala Games ecosystem. This game is designed and released by a Dutch development team called Gamedia. In this game, players can build their own tanks and fight each other face to face. To play this game, you will need to download and install its file from the Gala Games platform.

Spider Tank game is also available for free; But if you don’t want to buy NFTs to upgrade your tanks, your choices will be very limited. By equipping the body and weapons on your tanks, you will be able to defeat your competitors and earn more tokens.

Games under development by Gala Games project

Introducing all existing and developing games of Gala Games requires a separate and long article! However, we have briefly introduced some of the most popular games of this project. These games include:

Miranda: A large-scale role-playing game that has many fans. NFTs in this game can be purchased; But most of its rare collections have been sold.

The Walking Dead: Empires: Inspired by the Walking Dead series, this game depicts an apocalyptic atmosphere. To survive in this game, you need to cooperate with other players.

Grit: This game, presented in collaboration with Gala Games and Epic Games, is a battle royale game with a wild west atmosphere. Currently, GRIT is the only blockchain game in the Epic Games store.

Introducing the blockchain game

Superior: Superior is a cooperative game in which players must fight together against powerful enemies. This game is developed by Drifter Studio with the cooperation of dozens of veteran teams in the computer game industry.

The Last Expedition: The Last Expedition game is an expensive and extensive title developed by Certain Affinity Studio. Famous titles such as Halo and Call of Duty can be seen in the resume of this studio.

Investing in GALA: smart or risky?

By checking the Gala price chart (Gala purchase), you can see its decline in the bearish market of recent months. However, it is not possible to decide with a simple glance about the price trend of this token in the future and the possibility of breaking the record again. In general, the Gala Games project has more advantages than the Sandbox and Decentraland projects thanks to its diverse games. In addition, the cooperation of this project with successful companies like Epic Games is very promising.

On the other hand, it is not possible to talk with certainty about the games that are being developed on this platform. If these games are successful, the price of the Gala token may grow significantly; But otherwise, investing in this token will be a risk. For further consideration, here is a quick look at the pros and cons of this project.

Benefits of investing in Gala

The following can be considered as positive points in the future of Token Gala:

An ecosystem of diverse games: The high variety of games on the Gala platform has targeted a wide range of gamers. This can make it popular in the future.

Multilateral investment: Buying Gala Tokens doesn’t just mean investing in game NFTs; Because this platform intends to expand its activity in the fields of music and film.

Focus on quality and user experience: One of the principles of Gala Games is to pay attention to user experience instead of financial aspects. For this reason, the users of this platform will be more satisfied with its products.

Advantages and disadvantages of GalaGames

Disadvantages of investing in Gala

If you are a cautious person, pay attention to the following before investing and buying GALA token:

Weak Tokonomics: Currently, only 12.5% ​​of Gala tokens are in the market. As a result, more supply of it in the future may decrease the price of this token.

Security risk: Migrating from the Ethereum blockchain to a new and dedicated blockchain will not be an easy process. Before this move, Gala needs to review security and respond to the needs of its growing users.

Uncertainty of investing in blockchain games: Blockchain games are a nascent industry and there is no certainty in large investments on them. As a result, entering this field requires high risk taking.

Gala Games is a winding path; But promising

The ambitious goals of the Gala Games project promise a bright future for blockchain gaming and the integration of other areas of entertainment with this technology. Currently, Gala does not have an official road map; But projects such as Gala music, Gala Film and Project Gyri (Galachin) are among its future plans. What do you think the future of Gala will be with its games in development? Share your opinions in this field with us and other Valex users.

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