Generate your own seed with a paper, a coin, a printer and a pen

Don’t let the hardware wallet generate your seed for you, don’t trust it. Generating a seed is very simple and you should do it yourself.

I will explain how. You will need:
1) a hardware wallet that suggests 24th word
2) a paper
3) a printer
4) a pen
5) a coin

1) take a coin and write 1 on head and 0 on tail.
2) flip the coin 11 times for each word. So write on paper something like: (1) 00011100011 (2) 11111001110 (3)….
3) now I have created correlation between this bits (0,1) you wrote for each word and the real word you have to pick. Just download [this repo]( as zip and open index.html, open it in your browser and print it as pdf. DON’T USE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER. PRINT IT!!
4) check the correlation for all the 23 words and write them on paper
5) congratulations! Now you have 23 words with 253 bits of entropy! Put them in your hardware wallet and (if it’s a good hardware wallet) it will suggest you 8 possible 24th words (24th word is a checksum, so it can’t be anything, this is why you randomly pick only the first 23th).
6) write those 8 possibile 24th words on 8 pieces of paper randomly pick one.

Keep your seed safe and now burn everything!
You should absolutely burn the sequence of bits you generated and the printed pdf if your wrote on it.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Should be able to generate the last word as well by hand with just the word list and I think one or two sums and then a remainder (modulo) operation, then look that up on list for requiring no hardware and being completely offline generation.

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