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Hackers took control of Azuki’s Twitter account

The Twitter account of the popular heterosexual collection “Azuki” was hacked on January 27. By taking control of Azuki’s official account, the attackers managed to steal more than 750 thousand dollars from the funds of unsuspecting users by sending malicious links and placing them as virtual land sales links.

According to Wallex and quoted by Coin Telegraph, less than half an hour after sending the malware link, hackers managed to steal $751,321 from a user’s wallet.

The analysis of the security company “Wallet Guard” estimates the total value of the stolen assets at around $75,8074.

Emily Rose, Project Azuki’s community manager, confirmed the loss of control of the Twitter account on January 27 and asked users to refrain from clicking on links posted by the account until further notice.

Dem, who manages Azuki’s total NFT token product, confirmed on Spacey Twitter on the same day that the attackers sent a link to empty users’ wallets after gaining control of Azuki’s account. .

“Dam” asked the users to always gather their senses and look at everything with skepticism.

A few hours later, Team Azuki officially announced that they have taken control of the @AzukiOfficial account.

Liz Yang, director of development at Chiru Labs, the company behind the Azuki series, told Cointelegraph that the team is in contact with Twitter to try to get to the root of the problem. Yang also emphasized that he will update users as soon as he receives more information.

“Ohm Shah”, the co-founder of Vault Guard Company, advised users not to pay attention to the officiality or not of the user account of the projects and to look at everything with suspicion. He added:

Don’t be the first to click on links. In Web 3.0, it is better to be paranoid.

Previously, hackers managed to take over the official Twitter account of the trading platform Robin Hood. They took advantage of the opportunity and offered a fake token called RBH to users on the Smart China network.

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