Hacks, Spiders, Tomatoes and a Giveaway – Two Bored Apes NFT Podcast Ep. 48

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**To participate in the raffle for the giveaway, you have to comment in this video by July 24th, with your guess on how many orange tomatoes were in Jaime’s cup, your ETH address (can be burner wallet), subscribe to this channel and follow @twoboredapes and @genesis_mint on Twitter (links below)**

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Zeneca and Jaime Musings are the hosts of “Two Bored Apes”, an NFT podcast. In Episode 48, they talk about the news of the week, art blocks, gmDAO, generative art, and more!

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We hope to see you here again soon!

00:00 Not Financial Advice + Intro + Overnight Oats
03:40 News of the week – Oddities, Otherside, and Zeneca’s getting hacked
24:35 Art Blocks, Generative Art, fxhash, gmDAO, and stuff
49:16 Genesis Mint giveaway!
56:05 “What am I thinking?”
01:01:20 Ending (Two Bored Apes, talking NFTs…)

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The hosts of Two Bored Apes are not registered investment advisors. The podcast is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Nothing said on it should be construed as investment advice.


download Hacks, Spiders, Tomatoes and a Giveaway – Two Bored Apes NFT Podcast Ep. 48

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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Too lat efor the raffle but wanted to tune in to the YT (usually listen on Spotify) and say its great to see the podcast back in action!

  2. i'd say 10
    orange tomatoes haha! thx yall 0x26B0ca3727f522711d19ebe5DF683fDD2EA23DEB

  3. I say 8 orange tomatoes! lets go!

  4. I say 9 tomatoes! Keep up the good work guys!

  5. I would say there were 7 orange tomatoes! 0xBDB4b7FB55Ace6a7A1c1Da737C64Faa576a96856

  6. 5 FIVE orange tomatoes! Really had to watch this in slo mo a few times 🙂 Eth address below:

  7. Hey 👋
    Im guessing 10 orange tomatoes

  8. My guess is 8! Longtime followers, first time watcher! 0x8874174A2366668d54fEa6343F71709389563c8a

  9. My guess is 8 orange tomatoes:)

  10. I think there is 9 orange tomatoes. 0xc2B5B0f1151e3EB190DD130CCF0C2822d316A52A

  11. 7 orange tomatoes

    Thank you for another great episode!

  12. 5 orange tomatoes 🍅 Jamie looks bricked up 🧱0x004415153db5DD414F5a2c5147750351588F8118

  13. My guess is 9
    Subscribed and liked the relevant requested



  14. 8 orange tomatoes

    Nice banana Jamie



    I guess I'll say 7.

  16. 8 tomatoes.


    He doesn’t have a dumb face. But eating a banana on air is over the top.

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