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How to add Tron network in Metamask

The Tron Network, a blockchain for building standardized tokens TRC-20 Is. Tokens that are built on the platform of this network, More efficiency and lower fees compared to other networks. Therefore, the Tron network can be considered a good platform for trading and exchanging digital currencies. Metamask wallet is not a Tron wallet by default and does not support this network. However, there is a way to add Tron currency to Metamask that will help you store your TRX token. In the continuation of this article, How to add Tron to Metamask wallet We teach

Tron network in Metamsk

Metamask wallet only from Ethereum network and based tokens ERC-20 standard supports. So you cannot add Tron token to this wallet in its own main network. Therefore, to have Tron in Metamask, you must use other networks. Binance Smart China Network has a TRX token Binance peg TRX which is similar to Ethereum and it is possible to add it to this wallet. If you want in your transactions from TRX Use the Binance network, remember that the network BNB take instead TRCChoose 20.

Blockchain Tron or TRC-20 Due to its high efficiency and low cost, it is very popular among users and traders. For this reason, many users of this wallet are looking to add the Tron network to Metamask to use its services.

How to add Tron to Metamask

Since it is not possible to use TRON network in this wallet, you can use alternative methods to add TRC-20 network to this wallet and keep TRON token in it. In the rest of this article, we intend to teach you how to add the Tron network in Metamask. The method is to add the Binance-Pegged version of TRX to the Metamsk wallet.

Of course, if you don’t plan to add the Tron network to this wallet, you can download a Tron ERC-20 compatible wallet. One of these wallets, TrustVolt wallet which allows you to hold native Tron tokens.

Adding Tron to Metamask via Binance chain

The first method we suggest to add the Tron network in Metamask is to use the version Binance-Pegged Is. With this method, you can easily store TRX token in Metamsk wallet. In fact, in this way, you don’t have the native Tron token. Rather, this token is the Binance version of Pegged, which has exactly the same value as the token TRX has the native

To add tron ​​in metamsk via Binance Smart Chinago through the following steps.

first stage

In the first step, you need to copy the contract address for Binance-Pegged TRX. To find the correct contract address, go to the main page of the site CoinMarketCap See. Search for the word TRX or Tron and enter the corresponding main page. According to the image below, copy the relevant address or click on the Metamask sign next to the address.

Tron contract at CoinMarketCap

Another way to find the address of the contract is to visit the site BSCScan Is. Enter the site and search the word TRX in the search section. On the page related to Tron, address in front of the word Contract copy the

Tron contract in BSCScan

second stage

In this step, you need to install the Metamask wallet on your mobile phone or computer. To do this, go to the site Metamask Visit and download the appropriate version for your system. If you have created an account in this wallet in the past, enter the password. Otherwise, you need to create a new account. If you’re using the mobile version, you can put a fingerprint, PIN or Face ID lock on your wallet to make it even more secure.

Smart China network in Metamsk

third level

In this step, you need to make sure that you are on the Binance Smart China network. To do this on the main page of the wallet, from the top of the page on the option Network click. Among existing networks, Metamask is not on Binance Smart China by default. To add it, option Add a network and select Binance Smart China. Now the Metamsk wallet is on the Binance Smart China network and it will be possible to add Tron to Metamsk.

Add BSC to Metamask

The fourth stage

In this step, you need to add your tokens to the wallet according to the following steps.

  • To do this, click on the option Import Token Click at the bottom of the page.
Add Tron network in Metamask
  • Opened from the top of the page, Tab Custom Token Choose.
Adding Tron in Metamsk
  • in part of Token Addresspaste the address copied in the first step.
  • Bottom field Token Symbol is automatically filled with TRX after entering the address.
  • Now, after completing the empty fields, click on the Import option.
Add Tron network contract address in Metamsk
  • After completing these steps completely, a TRX option should be added to your wallet with the icon, as shown in the image below.
Tron token on Metamsk

One thing you should pay attention to is the transfer of tokens after adding the Tron network to Metamask. You cannot transfer native TRX tokens to Metamsk wallet and TRX Pegged Binance address. Because the Tron built in Metamask has a different blockchain platform than the original Tron. So if you do that, all your Tron tokens will be lost forever. In order to properly transfer Tron to the Metamsk wallet, you must make sure that the Binance Smart China platform (Bep-20) Select to transfer the throne.

Keeping TRC-20 token in Metamsk wallet

As we mentioned in this article, the Metamask wallet does not directly support the TRON TRC-20 token. So when you intend to store such tokens in Metamask, you need to change their platform. For example, convert native TRON token with TRC-20 standard to TRON token with Bep-20 standard. Now you can transfer it to the TRON alternative network on Metamask that we built through Binance Smart China.

The tutorial on adding the Tron network in Metamsk was written for the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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