WARNING. Do NOT fall for hype. Don’t think you’re going to get instantly rich. Don’t trust random people offering financial advice. Cryptocurrency is the wild wild west of investing and many people want to take your money and run. You must educated yourself with the good and the bad. You must understand what you’re doing. This isn’t something to rush into.

Now with that said…. Here is how to can buy Dogecoin…


A while ago I asked the community here to make some posts about how to buy dogecoin. Many of you helped. Thank you!

I couldn’t choose one post because I didn’t have the time to read and follow each one so I have linked them all below. Please make sure you give these posts some love! Reddit gold would be awesome. If there is anything bad in these posts send the mods some mail letting them know and this post will be edited so the bad information is gone!



* [How to buy Dogecoin in 5 easy steps in 5 easy hours](


* [How to buy Doge for in 5 eezy steps (FOR DUMDUMS)](




* [How to Purchase Dogecoin in 2021](


* [(For Beginner) How to buy Cryptocurrency in an easy way and get some free money by my referral.](


* [How to buy Dogecoin TODAY](


* [🚀DOGECOIN – How to buy DOGE COIN with cheapest trading fee🚀](

* [How To Buy DOGECOIN (Simple & Easy) UK,AUST,EUROPE,ASIA](

To the moon!

Bonus message – I’ve allowed referral links to be used in the posts even though they are not allowed to be used generally in the subreddit. NEVER listen to finance advice from anyone other than a professional finance advisor! You’ve been warned!.

Edit: The posts above can be edited any time by the people who wrote them. If you feel there is a serious error or mistake please send modmail and I will remove the post and ask the OP to sort it out.

Edit Edit.. A Shibe wrote this guide. Take a look.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  2. interesting, where is the topic of HOW TO SELL DOGECOIN? or losers don’t need to know. I never bought this sh/t, but see many idiots buy this bs for real money.

  3. Hi all,

    I wrote an extremely detailed guide on buying Dogecoin. It covers step-by-step how to buy it on most exchanges (Binance, Robinhood, Bittrex, Kraken). I know there are a lot of new people here trying to purchase it, so I hope this helps!


  4. Robinhood is talking about doge being at 1$ before 2022, we gettin shiva inu rocketships

  5. Wheres the best platform to buy dogecoin? I’m in Texas and certain platforms can’t be traded on here.

  6. Now that all the non hodlers are gone. I can supplement my portfolio with these cheap 25cents doges. I love when people bail. Y’all sell WE BUY.

  7. don’t buy shitcoins, doge price bumping by elon musk is a joke. i’ve buyed bichon token

  8. Could I purchase it on robinhood? I’m sorry if it mentions it somewhere

  9. If you was smart you would’ve sold your doge when it hit 40 cents and then wait till it drops again to buy more 😴😴

  10. Don’t play with money you need for rent.


    This is the witching hour.

    If it starts to pump now the day will be glorious.

    If no pump put your phone down and turn notifications off. Hodl strong.

  11. Is it too late to invest in Doge? Should I wait till the price drops and rockets in a few months?

  12. Hahaha… yea… the “market correction”
    People just need to hold & buy the dip right now. Let’s bring it back up to the 40 cent range… letssss gooooooo!!!

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