How To Mine Monero With Your CPU (Intel & AMD)

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WDT Miner

Bat file
NsCpuCNMiner64.exe -t 8 -o stratum+ssl:// -u -p x


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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. It's dishonest to say, "You'll have to let this run for a little bit" before you can get a payout. Even a .3 Monero payout threshold at the time you made this was $100. At the hash rate you were displaying, it would take YEARS to get even that much. COMPLETELY DISHONEST and unacceptable NOT to mention that "little fact" in this video. Shame on you.

  2. Can I mine Ether wtih my cpu by just chaning the address and port with my etherwallet id using Claymore cpu miner?

  3. I would keep this thing to myself but I also don't want to see you loose any more money. Let Mr Williams Rich handle your trading

  4. Trading has never been more fun,and I have Mr Williams to thank for it all

  5. Thanks you so much you have done it again for me, thank you for the profit of $10,000 you have done so much already in just a short time God bless you and your good works Mr Williams Rich

  6. My first experience happens to be a total failure but I never gave up cause I knew it was going to work out for me by trying continuously,fortunately I’m smiling today by getting involved with @williamsrichfx.
    Y'all reach him on telagram

  7. Hi friend, how much do you charge to make a video of disclosing a coin that looks like a monero? What your mail?

  8. at nanopool it says no account found Remember: to add your account to the database you should find at least one share…also on my console i get cannot find block data:
    {'id'4 'jsonrpc' : "2.0" , "result" : null, "error" :{"code:-1, "message" : " Lowdifficultyshare"}}
    cannot convert blob data
    Please advise.thanks

  9. How long are we talking about for the account to show up? It's been an hour now and I still can't bring up my account using my wallet.

  10. Hi I ran my .bat file all seems fine, but I searched my address in nano pool and it said account not found? I used the wallet on my iPhone monero, please can you help, dankie

  11. While monero mining may be very difficult with CPU, I mine qwertycoin. It is a cryptonight base new coin. check it out!!! It has low difficulty and a good roadmap for success. Because it is easy to mine at this time, I am able to mine 20 to 30 K coins per day. When the difficulty goes up this may become lesser. Good luck!


  13. Error #103-1-1

    When I go to run as an administrator it opens then immediately closes

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