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How to Register to Dreamster NFT Mascot Collection contest

Dreamster NFT “Mascot” Collection Contest

✅Showcase your art skills by giving us the best NFT Art mascot for Dreamster
👉 The “Mascot” should follow the meaning of Dreamster:

A genius with big dreams; A scientist who sees the magic in everything; The evolved hipster who is self-sustained and independent; A person who makes it difficult to talk shit on; One who creates his/her own reality with complete awareness; one who has elusive and humble, yet bold and powerful qualities; a leader of leaders; skilled in many art forms; an alpha in a pack of alphas.

💎Top 3 winners will be chosen and will receive a T-shirt, airdrop of Dreamster Tokens, NFT limited edition from Dreamster, and be a part of the Dreamster team as our Artist.

✅Any artwork that is not chosen will not be used for any promotions or used without permission of the creator

Winners will be announced at our big event this July 29, 5pm EST.

Good luck and may the best art win!



download How to Register to Dreamster NFT Mascot Collection contest

source in youtube


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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