How to report your Bitcoin taxes in the US before April 18

You’re based in the US and not sure how to report your Bitcoin and crypto transactions? We’ve got you covered with our updated crypto tax guide for the US! It covers pretty much everything from capital gains & income tax to mining and lending.

Crypto Tax: The Definitive USA Guide 2023: [](

Let me know if you need more information on a specific topic!

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  1. Awesome. Most of what you’ve written agreed with my understanding. I’ve tried to be very careful on my taxes.

    One question: you mention rewards as taxable. My understanding is that the IRS does not treat credit card rewards as taxable except u dear certain exceptional circumstances like purchasing a money order for credit card points.

    My plan was to track the cost basis of my Gemini credit card bitcoin rewards, but not to declare them as income.

    Can you clarify if I’m correct and point to guidance if I’m not?

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