How To Secure Your Seed Phrase

Hey plebs,

I have been working on some content on how to secure your seed phrase recently and I thought I would reach out to the community and see what they all think and ask for some feedback.

Instead of writing everything in a single article, I have broken it up in a mini-series of 4 articles with each article focused on what I have identified as the [4 key steps to secure your seed phrase](

1. [Generating Your Seed Phrase]( (Randomness + Verification)
2. [Writing Your Seed Phrase]( (Paper & Metal)
3. [Storing Your Seed Phrase]( (Location & Access)
4. [Recovering Your Wallet With Your Seed Phrase]( (Privacy, Security, and Wallet Settings)

I would love to know what the community thinks of all of these steps and what they think I should add or potentially change.

Thanks in advance everyone. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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