How to stake Solana coin (SOL)

Learn how to stake Solana coin with Exodus. This tutorial teaches you how o stake your SOL tokens on your computer and mobile phone. Staking Solana with Exodus only takes a few taps. No account set up is required to start staking Solana.

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download How to stake Solana coin (SOL)

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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. What's your thought on staking SOL on a protocol with a liquidity solution, like StaFi unlocks the staked SOL by rewarding more than 1 tradable rSOL in value for each SOL u stake.

  2. I have an air gapped exodus wallet. Can I stake my Solana, and then take my wallet offline. Will I continue to receive rewards?

  3. I unstaked my solana 11 days ago because I want to sent it. It still shows as “active staking” 11 days later and won’t allow me to try Restake or Unstake or transfer now what can i do?

  4. so you cannot choose the validator here? (like on Solflare or Phantom wallet)

  5. Sol staked amount is locked, how do you unlock in case you need a portion of the amount ? – > 2 days ?

  6. This is great, i have the Exodus wallet but never considered the broad usage of it. Would still like to know if i can convert from BTC or ETH to USDC/USDT too, anyways watching this video regarding Solana

  7. I don't understand with a video like this how could you skip over the deposit Solana step in this tutorial for beginners?

  8. How do you mine (validate) is it the same as mining but coin do you get sol coin or is just voluntary

  9. Once staked for the first time, how many days do I have to wait to start receiving the rewards?

  10. We’re is my money . I was not able to unstake money in 2 day likes the contract said. Also I did never received no rewards. Give me my money back before I report this to the FBI or court.

  11. I have done this exact process and have yet to receive anything from solana, started the staking process in May and its july, what could be possibly wrong

  12. Is anyone else finding their rewards dont seem to stack up? I have about 100 sol and as far as I can tell I have only gained 0.01 sol since june 2.

  13. Opened my wallet this morning and saw that the staking % was at 0? Is this right?

  14. Just Heard from my Family from Morocco that tey will accept XRP. This means that all of Africa(Gold, Silver, Diamonds,Kobalt, etc) will be traded in SOL
    SOL Will hit the Dome😇😇😇

  15. I tried staking ADA in exodus and it never gave me any rewards after 2 months. scam

  16. Hi, I have a question about STAKE
    When I need a stake with a value of 10 sol I have them I understand ok.
    And in my wallet I need 10.2345 sol
    When I give unstake I get the 10 I put there or 10.2345 salt?
    Thanks for the stupid question

  17. When I open the Rewards section in the desktop app there is no Solana and I can't see my rewards from Staking SOL. When I click on view earnings there isn't anything as well.

  18. I staked SOL on April 30th and the balance has not changed since then. I have tried reaching customer service through the app twice. I received 1 reply that wasn't helpful.

  19. Comment- I have not seen any rewards in my exodus wallet….I staked on April 14th and added more on the 25th- What I do see if my balance has increased so do you not send the transaction like you do with XTZ?

  20. Assuming that people here were able to transfer SOL coins to exodus… Can my SOL/USDT (bought on binance) be sent to my SOL wallet in exodus? Or do I risk losing everything as it would be considered 2 different currencies..?
    Please help

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