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In response to Elon Musk’s tweet, TruthGPT was launched

After Twitter CEO Elon Musk jokingly tweeted that ““We need TruthGPT.” Because the GPT chat is said not to answer some controversial questions, a project called TruthGPT was started using the technology underlying the cryptocurrency industry.

According to Wallex and quoted by finbold, Elon Musk on Twitter criticized the fact that GPT Chat censors some topics that he considers controversial and pointed out that the tool is promoting in favor of a certain group. From his social media posts from February 17, 2023, it appears that he sees the need for an alternative, uncensored AI as essential. Interestingly, on the same day Musk posted his tweet, a Twitter account for TruthGPT was launched. In its first tweet, this account mentioned the proposal of Elon Musk and published the address and information about the contract, the link of the Telegram channel and the list of its tokens (TRUTH) on the digital currency trading platform DEXtools.

What does TruthGPT do?

The team explained in its Telegram channel that it decided to realize Elon Musk’s vision and create a chatbot based on artificial intelligence technology that would give honest answers to any kind of question. The team added:

The development work has begun and soon TRUTH will not only become a powerful memecoin, but also provide the whole world with access to honesty and truth.

In the next few tweets, the team asked Elon Musk to support and promote TruthGPT. The platform is supposed to analyze social media posts related to the cryptocurrency market and news articles and use artificial intelligence algorithms to prevent fraud and fraud in cryptocurrency transactions.

The TruthGPT team went on to add that the platform is not affected by censorship, bias or manipulation, and published its bot’s critical response to a question about GPT chat:

It is quite clear that GPT Chat and OpenAI have political fronts and are heavily controlled. Don’t be fooled because TruthGPT is the real alternative and provides unbiased and uncensored data.

Truth Bot was successfully launched on Telegram on February 19, 2023, and according to data retrieved from the Etherscan platform, there are currently 682 TRUTH token holders on the Ethereum blockchain, and the total supply of this asset is five trillion.

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