In this last World Economic Forum has been emphasized the importance of cryptocurrencies for an “Internet of Value”. Remember when the same WEF called Bitcoin for a change to proof of stake?

I’m very skeptical about this sudden conscience awake by institutions and think they will try to push proof-of-stake Blockchains to gain competitiveness against Bitcoin and set it as the default model, which is something not that bad for itself, as the only PoW blockchain needed is the Bitcoin network.

That said, it’s clear that altcoins will be the yet another censorship non-resistant technology, exploitable by the ruling class.

I could see my self using Bitcoin even if its price would reach .xxx value (which is not possible since there wouldn’t be significant mining support no more).
The only way I can loose trust in Bitcoin is if it would pass to PoS one day, 100% sure.

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[WEF – Why we still need cryptocurrency for an ‘internet of value’](

[WEF – Blockchain](


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. The WEF can fork Bitcoin and implement POS shitcoin if they want, good luck getting anyone to run it tho

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