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Introducing 5 interesting devices in the blockchain field

The products and programs that have been created with regard to blockchain technology are more than just digital currencies, including Bitcoin. Blockchain technology, in addition being flexible, provides the possibility of saving time and money in transactions and offers a new form of today’s businesses. Blockchain devices are gadgets and all kinds of devices (both smart machines and devices). All these devices are formed and operate directly under the structure of blockchain networks.

According to, there are more than 34 divas and gadgets made by blockchain. In this article, we have used Wallex blog to provide a short but comprehensive list of blockchain devices. Are you one of those people who are interested in using blockchain and want to get to know products based on it? So follow us to the end of this article.

Blockchain devices; New technology products

Joseph Lubin, the founder of the large and famous Ethereum network, said at the SXSW conference that blockchain is the giant of the technology world in our time. Lubin put blockchain technology in the same place as old technologies (such as email) and acknowledged that with it we can experience a tenfold growth of the economy in the near future. Why do you think Lubin compared blockchain technology to email that was used in the past? The answer to this question, in the word the past contract.

The fact is that email technology made a lot of noise in its time, but it was not widely used. Years went by and messaging applications continued to evolve and people were able to use email for their daily activities. Lubin believes that the blockchain world is in the past state of email technology; Just as noisy and of course specialized. Simply put, if we leave out miners and exchanges, who else uses blockchain technology? Who can benefit from blockchain in their daily life?

Blockchain devices, including gadgets, machines, smart devices, tools, etc., have made blockchain technology not suffer the fate of email and travel the way of a thousand overnight. With blockchain gadgets and devices, blockchain technology flows indirectly into everyday activities.

5 blockchain devices that exist in our daily life

Getting to know blockchain devices is full of incredible and interesting features. The devices that are made according to blockchain technology are safer and smarter. However, the performance quality of these devices is not limited to these few sentences and they should be tried in practice. In this section, you will get to know 5 of the best blockchain-based products that have been developed since 2019 and have been on the market for nearly 4 years now.

Bosch smart refrigerator

The German brand Bosch has recently linked its work with blockchain technology and introduced interesting and smart products to the market. You might think of this refrigerator that you can mine bitcoins with it, but contrary to what you think, this refrigerator is a common household appliance. Using this device, you can control the electricity consumption of the refrigerator in a safe and completely transparent way. The fact is that blockchain devices are built according to the most prominent features of blockchain.

Bosch, in partnership with the Wien Energie brand, has built this device and has provided the ability to control the modes and temperature of the refrigerator with regard to blockchain technology. The most important part of this smart device is that it can provide the user with information about energy consumption and carbon dioxide. Maybe this question will arise in your mind, why should blockchain be used to design such a feature? Your question is reasonable; But it is interesting to know that blockchain technology makes consumers use smart devices.

The integration of blockchain technology in home appliances can bring many smart devices with energy control capabilities to the market. For example, consider an electric car charger that works according to a blockchain platform. This device can be considered as the most economical energy provider (even better than a solar power plant or turbine).

HTC smart phones and gadgets

Crypto phone

You’ve probably heard something about blockchain-based smartphones, but you certainly don’t know about the latest version of HTC’s brand of gadgets. HTC brand, inspired by the sales success of Exodus 1, second generation Blockchain phones has put on his agenda. According to the promises of this Taiwanese company, users can access messengers and social networks using peer-to-peer connections. Before this feature, users had access to social networks and other applications using cloud spaces and dedicated servers.

The success of the Exodus 1s smartphones from the HTC brand made the company decide to provide the ability to use a Bitcoin wallet in the new version. The new features of HTC brand phones allow the user or trader to connect to a full network node and enter the cryptocurrency world with their phone as much as a laptop or PC.

Since it takes a lot of storage space to store a full Bitcoin wallet, HTC representatives have suggested users to use a microSD memory card. It is interesting to know that a full Bitcoin node needs more than 200 GB of storage space.

Blockchain cities

Crypto cities

Blockchain cities (blockchain cities), are something wider and more than a device, but it is not without grace to mention this creative solution to use blockchain technology. It has been more than 3 years since the authorities of Seoul in South Korea decided to issue a citizen blockchain card to residents. This innovative solution was launched in 2018 as part of a large digital project in South Korea.

All the financial costs of this plan are paid by Seoul Municipality and it is supposed to provide the most comfortable and transparent environment for citizens. What is common between blockchain devices and blockchain cities is the use of blockchain properties. With the blockchain system in blockchain cities, bureaucracy and paperwork are eliminated and human errors are minimized.

South Korea claims to be the heart of blockchain technology worldwide. Korean authorities widely and fully support distributed registry technology in daily activities and even in political arenas.

Smart device to increase audience and customers

XPOS device

This form of blockchain devices is more attractive to small business owners and stores. The device we are talking about makes it easy to pay for goods and services for those who don’t want to carry cash. The Pundi X device is one of the blockchain devices based on XPOS smart terminals that are on Blockchain NEM Works. According to the developers, this device allows sellers and customers to make their transactions encrypted, fast and easy. In addition, customers can use both cash (fiat) and digital currency to pay with this device.

XPOS terminal is the world’s first Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) based tool and works with TRA, CE, FCC and KC certifications. The variety of certificates have made XPOS terminals to be used in the financial markets of countries such as the United States, the European Union, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. Naturally, these countries have their own strictures regarding blockchain devices, but the presence of valid certificates has eased their concerns.

With all these features, this smart device from the blockchain device series can be purchased in global markets. The good news for users is that Pundi X terminals work with Ethereum and NEM blockchains and they can use BTC, ETH, XEM, LTC and Pundi S, Dollars, Rupees and other fiat and digital currencies for payment. Currently, the use of such blockchain devices is common in different countries. The use of these devices has made modern technology ubiquitous and easy to manage digital assets.

Smart watch based on blockchain

Crypto Clock

Expensive, stylish and creative; A.Favre & Fils luxury watches can be described only by writing these 3 words. These $100,000 to $150,000 watches are among the blockchain devices that are made in Switzerland. The most important features of these watches are reducing costs for customers, having gold, silver and precious metal pieces and working as a digital wallet.

According to the A. Farvre & Fils brand report, the new model of luxury watches that has been released, in addition to having a cold wallet, also has a registered security system. All the technologies embedded in this Swiss smart watch are based on blockchain and are considered to be one of the few blockchain devices that preserve users’ private information. In addition, this device is the first watch made with integrated technology.

Although there was already a crypto watch made by the rival brand Hublot, but that device was not used much. Hublot’s crypto watch only used the Bitcoin digital currency logo and could not be used for digital currency transactions at all.

The role of blockchain technology in our daily life

Blockchain technology has a unique growth in the cryptocurrency world and is always considered as an integral part of the digital currency market. Of course, this technology does not play a prominent role in everyday life and is not considered that vital. The design of blockchain devices, including household appliances, is aimed at increasing the use of blockchains and benefiting from their practical features. In this article, we mentioned various blockchain devices, such as wristwatches, washing machines, etc., which have interesting applications. For example, the Swiss luxury watch A.Farvre & Fils has a cool wallet and several security features. What do you think are the advantages of blockchain devices that can be enhanced? In your opinion, what type of these devices can be designed to be more useful in everyday life?

The introduction of 5 interesting devices in the field of blockchain was written for the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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