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Introducing and teaching the Town Star game and making money from it

Town Star game is one of the products of Gala Games company, in which players play according to a ranking and earn money. In fact, in this game you The role of a farmer You have that besides growing different crops, you have to develop your lands and get more income from them. Townstar game has different seasons and at the end of each season rewards the players who get more points. In this article, we are going to introduce the Town Star game and tell its fine and big points.

Introducing the Town Star game

Town Star is one of the blockchain games through which you can earn money. This game, as we said, by the company Gala Games It has produced and released other exciting blockchain games.

Gala Games Town Star to Strategic style After creating an account and entering the market, users should make a mental map about their land and farm from the very beginning. In this game, knowing the right areas for different tools that you are going to use in your field is very important. You need to place each tool and house in the right place on your land to get the most out of them. Do not forget that the size of the Town Star playing fields is small and equal to 16 x 16, and with improper layout, you will definitely not get the necessary productivity from them.

We mentioned earlier that players are ranked in Town Star. In fact, this game has a leaderboard and players are ranked and their position is determined. If you can’t use your land and resources properly, you won’t have a good position in the leaderboard and ultimately you won’t have a good income.

There is no need for initial capital in the Town Star game, and with the money you have in this game, you should be able to manage your tools and resources and earn income by increasing your points. You can grow various crops in this game and earn points through them. In fact, in this game, you see rows where each product is placed in one of these rows depending on its importance. For example, there are always important products such as wheat in the 1st row, and flour in the 2nd row, and the rest of the products are in the order of their priority. You have to increase each product to 10 in order to be able to sell it because the products in this game are sold in packs of 10.

What is Town Star game?

The original version of the Town Star game has not been released yet, and its beta version is available to users. For this purpose, the creators of the game have placed a server named Development Server on the main page to identify the bugs and errors of the game. Also, if you see an error in the game, you can report this to the developers on the Discord channel of Gala Games. Maybe you’ll get rewards from the developers for this.

The reward system of the Town Star game pays players with Gala tokens and calculates it in dollars, so there is no need to worry about the prices being too low or too high. For example, the conditions of the cryptocurrency market go in such a way that the price of the Gala token is minimized, in this case you will be rewarded as much as the losses of this token in the market, and your income has nothing to do with the fluctuations of this token.

History of the Town Star game

Not more than three years have passed since the launch of the Town Star game. This game was launched in March 2020 and was developed by the Gala Games development team. At that time, there were 25 people working in the Gala Games group, 15 of whom were focused on games and 15 were working on the development of Gala Games.

Town Star production team

Eric Shirmeier (Eric Schiermeyer) is the one thanks to whom Gala Games has already made Town Star. Along with Gala Games, Eric Shirmeier has launched other powerful projects, including the Zynga platform. He launched this project in 2007 exactly 13 years before Townstar.

Wright Thurston He is also another member of the Town Star game team, who worked as a development manager in many companies in the last few years and is also known as one of the first cryptocurrency miners. Michael McCarthy is another member of the Gala Games team who has worked as an art director on games like Farmville 2.

Members of the Town Star production team

Town Star game services

You can have fun and earn money in Town Star game in 3 different ways. Now, we will introduce each of the Town Star game sections:

1. Daily games

It is possible to play daily in Town Star. Based on the type of your FTs, a certain amount of TOWN Value is considered for you in the game. Rewards are calculated at the price of the day in the Town Star game, and if you can reach the highest level of 500 points in one day, you will receive a reward from the game equal to the TOWN token multiplied by the TOWN Value. For example, if your NFT value is equal to 2000 TOWN Value, in this case, the value of your TOWN token will be equal to $0.016. With the NFT that we gave as an example and by completing the daily tasks assigned to you in the game, you can get as little as $32 in Town Star rewards every day.

Daily games on Town Star

2. Weekly games

Every week is not seven days in Town Star game and you should pay attention to this issue while participating in the game. In fact, the weekly games are among the most important quests in the Town Star game, and many players prefer to participate in the game in this way. The amount of days of each week or each season in the Town Star game is determined as follows:

  • First week of the month: In the first week, the steps are 5 and a half days
  • Second week of the month: At this time, the steps are 4 and a half days
  • Third week of the month: Now the time of the steps changes to 3 and a half days
  • Fourth week of the month: In the last week of the month, the stages will be 2 and a half days
Weekly games

Weekly games are also popular among Town Star game users on Competition Server. These games start on Tuesdays and before they start, explanations about the new season are given on Discord Gala Games channel. Reading the meta description is very important for Town Star game users because it gives important and useful information. For example, in each season, the focus of the game may be on one of the specific products, and this topic is presented in the description of Discord Gala Games. That is, if in the new week the focus of the game is on the wheat crop, you can notice this or read the meta description. The competition in the weekly Town Star games is fierce, so jump in and start racking up points as early as the weekly open servers open if possible.

3. Monthly games

If you plan to play on the monthly (P2E) servers of the game, then you have to start building your land again every month because at the end of each month the P2E servers are reloaded and completely reset. By participating in monthly games and with the intention of earning money, you must continuously complete daily quests to include rewards in the game.

Monthly games on Town Star

To get profit on different servers, you need to implement certain strategies, usually Town Star game users share their strategies on social networks, and you can start testing strategies in the game by reading their descriptions. Every month, there are competitions in the game that you should refer to Gala Games Company’s Discord channel to find out about them.

Town Star game tokens

In Town Star game you deal with TOWN and GALA tokens. In the following, we give more explanations about each token:

  • GALA token: This token is used to increase Gala Power levels. At the time of writing this article, the price of Gala is 0.0513 dollars on the Coinmarketcap website and it is in the 99th position.
  • Token TOWN: This token, like the GALA token, is based on the Ethereum network, and at the time of writing this article, it is on the 852nd position of the Coinmarketcap website.

How to create a user account in the Town Star game

If you are thinking of creating an account in the Town Star game, follow the steps below:

  • First, you must enter the Gala Games site at the address and click on the Register button on the top right.
  • On the page that opens, it asks you for information such as name, surname, email, password, etc. You must complete this section and then click on the Create Account button.
  • Go to your email management section and open the email you received from Gala Games and then click on the Confirm Account button to activate your account.
  • Another message will be displayed to you in which you can see two options Create Wallet Now and Skip. If you click on Create Wallet Now, you must create the wallet related to the game, and if you click on Skip, you will enter the game.
  • After creating an account, when entering the site, just click on the Games button to be directed to the games section.
  • In the games section, you should look for the Town Star game and click on the Play button to start the game.
  • After starting the game, you will see a list of servers in front of you, which are servers of Play to Earn section on a monthly basis, Development section for bughunting and Competition servers on a weekly basis.
Registration in Town Star

Town Star game tutorial

Upon entering the Town Star game, you will be shown a world map from which you must choose a land. We suggest that you consider playing fields that are closer to the city, because during the game system, a van will constantly take your products to the city, and therefore, if it is close to the city, it will return in earlier time frames.

How to play Town Star

By choosing the field, you should also consider a name for it because in the leaderboard list, others are supposed to know you by that name. There are different terrains in the Town Star game, including desert, sea and forest terrains. Although you can grow crops and generate income in all these lands, some lands have more positive features than others. For example, you can grow crops like salt in desert lands. Of course, some people think that if they land in desert areas, they will have trouble in the future, but it is interesting to know that these areas are a good option for accessing oil resources.

If you enter the game, our suggestion is to work on your land first, because by working on the land, the workers will automatically start working and do the tasks. If you grow your land well, you don’t need to play during the week because the workers are busy themselves and do all the assigned tasks.

There are various human forces in the game, including workers, woodcutters and ranchers. You can have more manpower but they need to pay more. Of course, if the amount of cultivation of crops is more, by selling them, it is possible to pay workers’ salaries.

Access to water resources is very important in this game, you can use natural resources to reach water. Of course, if you have a good land, maybe there is no need to supply water and water sources will be available to you without any trouble. We suggest you get lands in the game that are close to water.

Town Star game tutorials

But the question that occupies the mind of most users is how in the game Town Star Will our rank increase? Increase in rank It depends on several components that we mention below:

  • Knowing game strategies
  • Knowledge of workers
  • Knowledge of products
  • Knowledge of games
  • Play continuously

What competitors does Town Star have?

But do you know the competitors of Town Star game? Townstar is the sole ruler in the world of P2E games and has no competitors. Although some people name games like Town Star as competitors Wanaka Farm and Defi Land but the structure of these games is completely different from Town Star. Farmville Although it can be considered as a competitor for Town Star, but since it was developed by Gala Games, these two games are almost similar and the only difference is the better gameplay and more attractiveness of Town Star compared to Farmville.

Important points about Town Star game

Pay attention to the following points about the Town Star game:

  • To start this game, you need a computer with relatively powerful hardware. Of course, if you reduce the graphics of the game, you have the possibility to play on more ordinary computers.
  • This game does not require any initial capital and those who are thinking of making money from daily quests only pay to buy nft in this game.
  • You have to wait until the daily quest is completed to withdraw the income.
  • For this game, you must have a Gala wallet, which we explained to you earlier how to make it.

Townstar, a revolution in crypto games

The Town Star game is one of the best crypto games in the blockchain world, where you can register in a few simple steps and then earn money by playing the game. In this article from Valx, we tried to tell you everything you need to know about this game. You can earn money from Town Star game sitting at home and earn dollars without any hassle. Please share your experiences of this game and other blockchain games with us.

The introduction and training of the Town Star game and making money from it for the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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