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Introducing Klaytn blockchain project and Klay token

Klaytn is one of the popular and popular platforms that pursues big goals. This relatively new platform in The year 2019 It was launched and gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. The Klaytn blockchain has been launched with the goal that a Safe and suitable platform Provide that millions of people can use blockchain services. In fact, Klaytn is one of the most practical and attractive blockchain projects supported by many companies and organizations. Due to the excellent performance of Clayton last year, we have seen the tremendous growth of KLAY token. This caused more people to get to know Clayton and its native currency. In this article, we will examine the Klaytn project completely. Therefore, we invite you to continue with Valex.

Introducing the Klaytn project

Klaytn is a public blockchain that was officially launched in 2019. The activity of this platform was initially limited to South Korea, but now from its international base in Singapore, it offers its services widely all over the world. Klaytn is a public and yet very powerful blockchain based on three areas Metaverse, Gamefi And economics (creator economy) has focused.

Clayton is an organized platform that was launched with the goal of making blockchain user-friendly and widely interactive for more people. Klaytn Blockchain is backed by three major investors, Crescendo Equity Partners, Translink Capital and IDG Capital. This project uses Istanbul Byzantium fault tolerant consensus algorithm (IBFT) based on Proof of Stake (PoS). Overall, Klaytn plans to partner with companies and brands around the world to bring blockchain services to millions of people.

Who is the founder of Klaytn?

The Klaytn project was launched in June 2019 by Jaesun Han. Han is also the founder and CEO of Ground X. This company is known as the parent company and main supporter of Klaytn. Jayson Han holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Korea Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (KAIST).

Jaesun Han began his career as a researcher at KAIST, initially doing extensive research on distributed computing. In 2007, Han founded Korea’s first big data and cloud computing startup called NexR. He was later elected as the head of the cloud computing research board and has been the CEO of Ground X since 2018.

What is the main goal of klaytn project?

The main goal of the klaytn project is to increase the compatibility of blockchain with data tools in order to provide blockchain application operations faster and more efficiently for a wide range of audiences. In other words, this project aims to provide a better experience for users by benefiting from unique features such as reducing network response time, high scalability, fast transactions and reducing transaction costs.

How does the Clayton blockchain work?

The Klaytn blockchain has been carefully designed with the aim of simplifying the process of using the blockchain as well as improving the user experience of the startup. Clayton uses the Istanbul Byzantine Toleration Consensus (IBFT) mechanism to further his goals. This feature allows the Klaytn blockchain to easily cooperate with organizations that have a high transaction volume.

Blockchain Clayton

Thanks to its powerful governance structure and IBFT consensus mechanism, this platform is able to process 4000 transactions per second (TPS) with 1 second deterministic finality for instant transactions. In this network, all processes are done based on speed and convenience. The Klaytn blockchain is able to perform transactions at a higher speed and with a very small fee. Clayton’s high scalability along with fast and low-cost transactions has made this platform very popular internationally.

Features and benefits of Klaytn

Klaytn is a powerful startup project founded with long-term goals in mind. This project is unique and this has caused it to attract the attention of most companies active in the blockchain field. In general, the most important features and benefits of Clayton are:

Features of klaytn

1 second deterministic finality of transactions

Klaytn blockchain uses the updated version of Istanbul BFT to provide its services. This makes the transactions final and final within one second. In fact, Clayton enhances the user experience that makes the finalization of processes definitive and irreversible. Users can make their transactions faster and easier with the help of this platform.

Support for Ethereum equivalence

The Klaytn project uses Ethereum’s EVM as an emerging standard to easily support Metaverse and Web 3 projects. In other words, Clayton uses EVM to equate Klayton’s technical support with Ethereum’s support in terms of user interface and implementation. This process helps activate Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) and Clayton Improvement Proposals (KIP) and contribute to both ecosystems.

Built-in scalability via service chains

The Klaytn blockchain uses the hub-and-spoke model to advance its goals. This model is known as one of the best scaling solutions. This makes Clayton service chains have the necessary conditions to meet the needs of DApp, including high throughput, high security level and special node settings. Also, the support of the domestic service chain makes this project meet the necessary conditions for acceptance at the global level.

The preferred enterprise-level blockchain

The Klaytn blockchain is a preferred blockchain for companies and those working at an enterprise level. This project partners with big tech giants such as Japan’s GMO Internet Group, Indonesia’s Salim Group, and mobile game giants Netmarble and WeMade, and has a very high reputation. Klaytn is also the official blockchain partner for Bank of Korea’s CBDC project, running a private and modified version of Klaytn.

Klaytn’s data guarantee

Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake blockchains show the finality of data probabilistically. This means that there is a possibility of reversing the transactions recorded in the chain. Therefore, the use of these blockchains is not suitable for important, sensitive and scalable applications. But Clayton works better in this field because it uses Klaytn’s IBFT consensus algorithm. This algorithm ensures that all data recorded in the blockchain is correct and will not be reversed. Thanks to this feature, the Klaytn blockchain can be used for data reliability and consistency for high-scalability applications.

Clayton token

An end-to-end metaverse developer package

The Klaytn project provides a special metaverse package to simplify metaverse construction. This package includes SDK and smart contract libraries, IPFS solutions, wallets, oracles and bridges, and an ecosystem of supporting services such as stablecoin integration, NFT markets, tradfi interfaces, and more.

Benefiting from a unique governance structure

One of the most attractive and practical features of the Klaytn project is related to its governance structure, the GC. The GC consists of leading global companies and DAOs that form a powerful validation network. The company offers the benefits of a decentralized public blockchain while maintaining blockchain functionality. The Klaytn blockchain aims to use more DAOs in its governance structure to help create the “DAO of DAOs” by increasing decentralization.

Benefiting from $1 billion protocol-level ecosystem fund ($1 billion protocol-level ecosystem fund)

The Klaytn Project has set aside $1 billion to support the growth of its ecosystem. This capital is supposed to be used for infrastructures, tools and services that increase the quality of Clayton’s network.

What is KLAY?

KLAY is one of the popular and popular digital currencies in the crypto market. In fact, the KLAY token is the native currency of the Klaytn project. There are currently around 2.6 billion KLAY tokens in circulation. This token is used for payments within the Klaytn network, payment for transactions and also in applications built on the Klaytn platform.

Klay digital currency

The future of digital currency KLAY

KLAY is the native digital currency of klaytn project, which has many uses. This currency is currently trading at the price of $0.20 and has been assigned the 74th cryptocurrency rank. KLAY digital currency has a market cap of more than 637 million dollars and its daily trading volume is 67 million dollars. Klayton Blockchain has big and long-term goals, and this makes KLAY always be in the spotlight. This popular currency has experienced great growth in the few years since its inception. If the klaytn project can realize its goals, a bright future awaits KLAY digital currency. Therefore, it is better to put this unique currency on your watch list and act on suitable opportunities to buy and invest in klay.

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