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Introducing play to earn games, making money from games in the crypto space

Play to earn games do something that traditional video games cannot. These games reward players for the time and effort they spend playing reward they give. Each crypto game offers a unique way for players to earn different rewards for performing in-game activities. This bonus can be Digital currency, A non-fungible token (NFT) Or Increase in value of NFT be a player P2E games are very popular due to their ability to generate income and are currently the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency world. You can sell these game tokens to others or use them to upgrade your game.

What is the mechanism of play to earn games? How can we make money from these games? In this article from Valx magazine, we answer these questions and The best p2e games We introduce Join us.

An overview of play to earn games

These unique games have native tokens that support the game economy. The player can buy and sell different items using these tokens in the game. However some of these games like the game Upland (Upland) and game Oxy Infinity (AXIE INFINITY) require an initial investment to start, while some games such as Discentral (Decentraland) and Tetan Arena (Thetan Arena) can be played for free.

Most of the play to earn games are in the early stages of development and still have a long way to go before their graphics reach the level of PlayStation or Xbox games. Most of the players are currently focused on making money from the game and the rewards of these games have been able to get them involved in crypto games.

In recent years, games based on Blockchain P2E They have become mainstream and are considered a major component of all existing metaverses. One of the reasons for the popularity of play-to-earn games is to earn money from the game and earn cryptocurrencies that have value in the real world. Players can earn money while enjoying the game.

The benefits of play to earn games

Blockchain games have the potential to change the gaming industry for the better. Players who pay to participate in these games or play for free can claim ownership of in-game items through this technology.

What makes play-to-earn games so attractive and popular right now is that players can not only control in-game assets, but also trade and sell them. In this way, the “platforms”GameFi” allows users to receive rewards from NFTs and tokens. These tokens can be used in domestic markets or traded in exchanges.

Introducing the first play to earn game

Cryptokitties game

Cryptocytes (CryptoKitties) is a unique token-based blockchain game where you can collect digital cat NFT cards or breed these colorful cats yourself. Cryptokitties was launched in 2017. CryptoKitties is the first game on the Ethereum blockchain and is one of the first attempts to use blockchain technology to experience play-to-earn games. The game encourages users to use in-game assets with fiat money exchange and earn money in this way.

How do P2E games work?

Games that are played to earn digital currency allow players to earn digital currency during the game by doing certain tasks. Each of these games has its own mechanism and uses different methods to reward players. The types of reward and withdrawal methods in play to earn games are:

Buying or renting land

In games like “The Sandbox” and “Decentraland”, players can buy land in the form of NFT. These lands have many uses and players can purchase additional NFTs to upgrade their land. Whenever the purchased land increases in value, they can sell them in the same game for a profit. Also, players can rent some fields. Several large companies such as Samsung and Adidas have bought or leased digital land to promote their brands.

Unique items

To progress and upgrade in some games, players usually need to purchase unique items. These items can help them strengthen their team and defeat their enemies. Finally, players can earn profit by selling their in-game items and avatar.


Some play to earn games reward players with NFTs for unlocking each stage or defeating opponents. These platforms reward highly active players; Because these players help the ecosystem and strengthen their network.

Crypto users welcome P2E games in the 2021 bull market

In a survey conducted by “Finder”, it was found that India, Hong Kong and UAE are the top 3 places for p2e games. Due to the hype surrounding NFT games, many people in developing countries are turning to play to earn games as a way to generate additional income. According to this survey, about 34% of Indian respondents said that they have played crypto games. Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates were looking to monetize the game with 29% and 27% respectively. Finder, in its reports, announced that people between the ages of 18 and 37 are leading in these games and interacting with the NFT game space.

According to a study conducted by “DappRadar”, play to earn games and drive to earn games were able to attract 2.5 billion dollars in capital in the first quarter of 2022. Assuming the continuation of movement and data analysis, the capital of this market is expected to exceed 10 billion dollars by the end of 2022.

Changing users of p2e games in a bear market

P2E games

In a bearish crypto market that has seen trillions worth of digital assets disappear, play to earn games were still attracting significant funding in the early stages of the project. This market has taken a significant share of the market due to the capital collected in the crypto ecosystem. It seems that with this wide acceptance, many users around the world agree with the idea of ​​making money from the game.

In the past year, some gamers have been using these types of games as their full-time jobs. Play to earn games have become very popular especially in countries where people’s income is low. Some people in countries have turned to these games to compensate their living expenses and earn more.

Introducing the most used play to earn games

Currently, many crypto games have been introduced and most of them are online Ethereum and Binance Smart China Are. Some of them offer a traditional computer gaming experience, while others focus on collecting NFTs. In the following, we will introduce the most used play to earn games.

Sorare crypto game

Sorare crypto game

Sorare, is a fantasy football game that has created players from the world of football as collectible and tradeable cards. Players in this game have to build a team of 5 using virtual or purchased cards. They can also increase their score by winning each game or events they complete. Sorare is free to start, but you can’t collect elite players. The prices of the players in this game are varied and you can improve the performance of your team by buying players, goalkeepers and coaches.

Gods Unchained game

Gods Unchained is a card game on the Ethereum network, and gamers must defeat other players with the power and facilities at their disposal. After winning, the player can sell the items obtained from the game or use them in the game. At the beginning of the game, you will be given 70 cards as a welcome, which includes the cards of all 6 gods of this game. You can trade or sell these cards with other players. To get more cards, you can open cut packs by winning the game or buy them, which have different prices and are sold from time to time.

Farmers World game

Farmers World game

Farmers World is a play to earn game and the blockchain version of farming and cultivation games that have become very popular in the last few years. Players can choose different tools and plant and harvest crops. Also, while waiting for crops to grow, players can attack other farms and steal their assets.

To start the game you need a tool that you have to buy. The game suggests that you first buy a fishing rod and an ax, which you need about $1000 to buy these two items. But you can also play with a normal ax, the price of axes starts from 250 dollars.

play to earn; Earn money from the game

Play to earn crypto games have attracted a lot of attention and capital in the last year and have become one of the most controversial crypto topics. NFT tokens and their unique applications can change the future of the DeFi industry and accelerate the adoption process of the digital currency industry. Game companies and crypto companies compete with each other in the field of play to earn games and have introduced various games to the market. By studying and reviewing these games, you can earn money from the game using a method.

In this article, we examined play to earn games, how do you imagine the future of this industry? Please share your thoughts with us.

The introduction of play to earn games, making money from games in the crypto space, was written for the first time on Wallex blog. appeared.


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