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Introducing the best drive to earn games in cryptocurrency

Crypto game is one of the fun projects for enthusiasts and a way to earn money. This means that in addition to playing and having fun, you can also earn money in the form of digital assets. Drive to earn projects Among them are crypto games that reward you for participating in driving racing games. The rewards of each of these games are different from each other.

To learn more about these crypto games and how to earn money from them, we suggest you read about them and start your game after installation.

Getting to know the mechanism of drive to earn projects

In the world of digital currencies and metaverse, there are different ways to earn money. One of these ways is drive to earn projects, which are divided into two types. The first part of drive to earn projects includes driving programs. That is, you activate this program while driving and for every time you drive, digital currency or NFT you get

The second part of drive to earn projects are metaverse and cryptocurrency games. In these games, you play the role of a car driver. You can even choose the car and driver character yourself or buy them. In these games, you have to compete with other players and by winning the matches, you get the native tokens of that game. You don’t need any special equipment to start the game and you can even play them through your PlayStation or Xbox. In the following, some of The best D2E games We introduce to you.

Introducing the best drive to earn games

There are different types of earning digital money through games. Different games are designed in the world of metaverse, which give you digital rewards for every activity in the game. One of the types of these games is the drive to earn projects, which reward you for driving and racing with other players and is a way to earn digital currency.

Nitro League game

One of the first Drive to earn projects that we intend to introduce to you in this article is the game Nitro League Is. This decentralized game is a way to earn money by driving. The Nitro League game is a combination of a racing game in the Metaverse environment with earning money in the form of tokens. To start the game and participate in competitions, players must join their desired clan or group. To participate in the game, membership in groups is required.

In the Nitro League game, after joining a group, each player is given an address related to the same group. This sign is based on reputation score (Reputation Points) is the group that is awarded to the players of that group. As a player of this game, you can change your group at any time. But you should keep in mind that changing the group is equal to changing the game locations and losing points specific to that group. In this game, if you win, you will be awarded a point, which will be deducted from the amount of your points in these drive to earn projects with every loss.

The Nitro League game has a native token named NITRO And with the supply of one billion tokens. The main goal of the development team of this game, Decentralization, economic ownership and power in the metaverse. People who have nitro tokens, possibility Staking Tokens They have a role in the game ecosystem, as a result of which, they can participate in its important economic decisions.

Nitro league metaverse game

To start the game, players need to buy the best car and driver NFT with digital currency. Some of these car and driver NFTs sell for between $99 and $2,500. In the Nitro League game, there are two types of NFTs, which are:

NFT Machine: In the Nitro League game, from the most luxurious to the most professional cars in the gaming space, they are presented as NFTs. All these vehicles are exchangeable in the NFT market. You can find any car for racing from normal, rare, professional, etc. among them.

Driver NFT: You need professional drivers to win these races. Of course, your choice of driver should be according to the type of car. A professional car needs a professional driver. You can specify your desired driver for each race to win with him in drive to earn projects.

REVV Racing game

Play REV Racing One of the drive to earn projects is created as a racing game on the polygon network and is used to earn money. One of the most important news that has been published about this game is the launch of REVV Racing in one of the important headlines in the supporting company. The Sandbox And the game Animoca Brands Is.

REVV Racing game has important features to help you get started. REVV Racing is the first blockchain-based car racing simulation game. This game is completely 3D and shows different angles including first and third person and other angles to the players. You have to drive for real in this game. So, having driving skills is necessary to play this game. It is possible to play this game on PlayStation and Xbox. You can use the controls or the keyboard of your systems to start the game. Assets in this game are in the form of NFTs that are given to players.

native token of REVV Racing game, REVV It is called This token helps players earn money. On the other hand, the holders of this token can participate in the game economy and earn financial rewards in the form of digital currencies. You need a racing car, actually a Revv NFT, to start playing REVV Racing. Players will be gifted 5000 WTF1 cars that you can use to race, or build your own wallet and buy a car NFT with REVV tokens.

Game 22 Racing Series

Game 22 Racing Series One of the drive to earn projects combines a physics-based race with time strategy so that players can experience a real race. Currently, not all the features of this game are available, but very important features will be added soon.

According to GOATi, the game takes place in the 22nd century and features resource-intensive racing series. In fact, the idea of ​​this game is completely real and players experience a real environment while playing. 22 Racing game tracks take place in Antarctica and Florida.

One of the rules of this game is to collect some resources inside the game. That is, players collect resources during the race with which they can upgrade their equipment, including their racing car. In the game 22 Racing, there are several racing modes, the standard mode of which is Time Lap Race. But you can set the match on playoff or time trial settings. Of course, another mode will be added soon where 100 players will compete against each other to determine the best and fastest driver in the game.

Game 22 Racing

As we mentioned, this game is not fully ready to run yet. Soon, its native token will be launched so that players can get special tokens in exchange for earning points in the game. The game 22 Racing will soon be one of the projects drive to earn Becomes.

F1 Delta Time game

Play F1 Delta Time Another project is drive to earn, which is currently inactive. The game was first launched in 2019 and became one of the first licensed NFT games. But after some time, on March 15, 2022, Animoca Brands announced the closure of this game.

The game was based on the Ethereum digital currency, which players could convert into the native REVV Animoca token. With these native tokens in hand, players gain the ability to trade NFTs. The NFTs of this game were cars, drivers and all the tools needed in a car racing game. In fact, the F1 Delta Time game was able to show people a new face of making money from participating in games. Also, this game caused the sales of NFT to rise sharply in 2019.

The reason for the closure of the game F1 Delta Time was the cancellation of its official license. This issue is considered a very big failure for any game. In 2022, this game officially lost its NFT license and was forced to stop its activity.

F1 Delta Time game

Earn money with free games

There are various projects to earn money in the form of digital assets, some of them are free and some are paid. For example, to start playing in some Crypto games, you need to have certain tokens in your wallet or you need to buy a playground or a character with your digital assets. But others are not like this. After installing the game, you can play for free and even earn money. There are different ways to earn money in crypto games. Some of them give you NFT and others pay your reward in cryptocurrency. Anyway, to start, you should know all these drive to earn projects.

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