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Introducing the Zarion platform; The world of DeFi is in your hands

Despite providing unique conditions for investment, the world of decentralized finance or DeFi has many complexities. Fortunately, the increasing popularity of investing in this field has led to the creation of various tools for those interested in it; But checking every feature and security of these tools will be a difficult task! Therefore, in this article, to introduce and review the Zerion platform as one of Popular cryptocurrency management tools we pay

If you are looking for a comprehensive and safe project to facilitate asset management in the field of digital currencies, do not miss reading this article.

What is the Zarion platform?

In short, the Zerion platform A versatile tool It is for investment management in the field of digital currencies. This platform provides facilities such as Asset management, digital wallet, granting and receiving loans and portfolio creation, is trying to provide all the needs of professional investors in an integrated way. This platform has simplified the way to enter the world of DeFi and use its benefits for all beginners and professional investors.

Although a professional investor without using a comprehensive platform, after spending a lot of time, succeeds in understanding the complexities of a DeFi protocol; But when the same person wants to get acquainted with another protocol, he has to go through this whole path from the beginning. But the simple and modern user interface of the Zerion platform has solved this challenge for users in using DeFi projects, and now users of any level can enter this big and exciting world.

The Zerion project is trying to simplify the complexities of investing in digital currencies as much as possible by providing a simple dashboard. The appearance of the user interface of this platform is very similar to Web 2 dashboards, and users feel familiar with it. Also, the simultaneous connection of this platform to the most popular DeFi protocols means that users do not have to worry about the problems of moving and switching between them. The whole goal of the Zarion project is for investors to benefit from DiFi facilities in the simplest possible way. In order to better understand the capabilities of the Zerion platform, we have introduced some of its most important advantages.

Advantages of Zarion platform

The Zerion project provides many small and large capabilities, which we will introduce to you below.

The most features in a simple user interface

Simple and minimal user interface, is one of the most important features of Zarion that attracts your attention at the first glance. In this modern interface, you can easily find all the features you want quickly. This platform displays all the parts needed by an investor, such as all tokens and digital currencies and received loans, in a single window in an organized and categorized manner.

This platform covers more than 60 DiFi protocols. As a result, you will be able to perform actions such as buying a new asset, staking, receiving or granting a loan, creating a new vault, or any other desired item without having to switch between protocols. In addition, Zerion’s comprehensive dashboard can display the performance graph of your investment portfolio in the simplest possible way without the need for any calculations.

Finally, if you don’t currently have any digital currency or token in your portfolio, you can directly purchase Ether token (ETH) and trade with it using an international credit card. All these things together have made the Zerion platform contain many applications in its simple appearance.

Advantages of Zarion platform wallet

Completely decentralized

Perhaps at first glance, you might consider Zerion a centralized platform that stores all the addresses of purchased digital currencies in a certain part of its servers; But this is not correct at all!

Although the user interface of the Zerion platform is very similar to a Web 2 platform; But this platform is not kidding at all about user security! In addition to providing a completely decentralized platform, Zerion is completely non-profit or non-custodial and has applied strict rules regarding the security of its users. Also, if you don’t want to use the Zarion wallet, you can connect a software or even hardware wallet of your choice to it. In this case, along with the peace of mind regarding the security of the private key and assets, the attractive features of Zarion will also be available to you.

Ability to compare rates

When it comes to economic issues, rate comparisons will always be important. Zerion platform allows comparing different rates for staking, giving or receiving loans and other similar things on all DeFi protocols. Thanks to this feature, you will no longer need to compare each protocol separately and compare their rates two by two.

To better understand this feature, let’s assume that you are going to exchange Ether tokens for DAI. In this case, it is enough to determine the amount of ether you want for swap by visiting the exchange within this platform. After this, Zerion will automatically display the amount of transaction fee and the amount of DAI received after the transaction is completed.

Also, by clicking on “Zerion” option and then “Offered by”, a drop-down window will be shown with all the available rates. In this section, you can choose the most profitable mode and earn more tokens by paying less fees.

Features of the zerion platform

Classification of investment positions

To easily find the best investment opportunities in DeFi, Zarion Project offers separate categories. When you visit the Invest section of this platform, four different options will be visible: Top Gainers, Top Loosers, Market Share, and Pools.

Additionally, by scrolling to the bottom of the page, you can see some of the most popular DiFi indices alongside the top tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of Zarion platform

However, the strengths of the Zerion project are compelling enough for any investment; But paying attention to some of its weaknesses also creates a logical vision for using or not using this bag. The main strength of this platform is its lack of services for Iranian users. If without the use of tools to pass the embargo to Zerion website visit, you will be faced with the message that access is not possible.

Furthermore, a Zerion wallet can never be as secure as a hardware wallet. Therefore, if your investment is significantly high, we recommend that you store your private keys in a hardware wallet such as ledger (Ledger) and then connect your wallet to this platform.

Training to use the Zarion platform

If you intend to use the various services of the Zarion project and enter the world of DeFi, you will have a clear and simple process in front of you. In the following, we will teach you how to use each of the main parts of this platform.

1. Register and create an account

To register, first enter the Zerion website and then select the Zerion Web App option Account creation page go. On this page, you can choose the wallet you want to connect to the platform. Also, at the bottom of the page, there is a section to directly enter the wallet address. If you want to use the internal wallet of this platform, choose the Zerion Wallet option. After completing the steps, you can use the various facilities of Zarion.

Register on Zarion platform

In the following, we have briefly introduced each of the parts of this platform.

2. Overview section

The Overview page displays your investment status at a glance. The number of digital currencies and NFTs in the wallet, the value of assets in dollars, the history of sending and receiving assets, the price change chart, as well as the special section for buying Ether, are all available to you on this page. Of course, the purchase of ether in Zarion requires an international credit card and is not applicable for Iranian users.

Training to work with the Zarion platform

3. Explore section

Zerion’s Explore section is actually the section that categorizes all types of investments. In addition to the four mentioned parts, this section provides users with the possibility of accessing decentralized applications using their categories and tags.

4. Favorites, Send, Swap and Bridge sections

Under the Explore section in the menu, the Favorites, Send, Swap and Bridge sections will be visible. The use of these parts are:

  • Favorites: The Zerion platform provides the possibility of marking a currency and tracking it. Your selected tokens will be displayed in this section.
  • Send: This section is used to send digital currency and tokens. For this purpose, it is enough to enter the type of token, its amount and the address of the recipient.
Send digital currency with zerion
  • Swap: The swap section is created to exchange tokens and digital currencies with each other. If needed, you can choose the currencies you want to change and finalize the exchange by confirming the transaction.
  • Bridge: The bridge enables the exchange of tokens from one blockchain network with another. By covering several different blockchain networks, the Zerion platform will leave your hands completely open for exchange.
Digital currency exchange training in Zarion

4. Other parts of the zerion platform

By clicking on the three dots option at the end of the menu, the three sections Save, Barrow and Settings will be visible.

  • Save: This section is for Digital currency lending And monetization is built in. In the Save section, you can put the amount of property you want to lend in the Compound protocol. Other users will use this asset as a loan and the profit will reach you.
  • Barrow: In this section, you can get a loan by providing collateral. Of course, the ratio of the collateral to the received loan and the interest rate of the loan are two parameters that you should pay attention to before finalizing your transaction.
Receive a loan with Zarion
  • Settings: This section is not directly related to the functional features of Zarion and only provides the possibility of further personalization of this platform for each user.

With Zarion, the world of DiFi is under your feet!

In this article, we introduced and reviewed the Zarion platform. Zerion has made it possible for every user to enter the world of DeFi by providing facilities such as a simple user interface, creating a connection between blockchain networks, supporting various DeFi protocols, the possibility of comparing different rates, as well as a decentralized secure platform. What do you think are the best features of the zerion project for professional and beginner investors? Share your opinion about this platform with us and other Valex users in the comments section.

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