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Introduction of the coincodex site, a practical tool for predicting the price of digital currency

The story started in 2008 with a digital currency project called Bitcoin and has continued until today when it is said that cryptocurrencies are the future of all business transactions. Today we witness More than 5000 cryptocurrencies We are different and this figure is still increasing. To support the blockchain cryptosystem, many organizations have entered the game with a variety of services including mining, wallets, and various application platforms. However, it is still difficult to manage this entire system at once. Coincodex site is one of the best digital currency analysis sites that tries to provide a solution for these problems. In the following, we will learn more about the features of Coin Codes.

What is Coincodex?

CoinCodex is not a digital currency exchange, but one of the largest crypto market information tracking and monitoring tools. Coincodex is a data aggregator that lists up-to-date news from all portals in one website. The coincodex site collects transaction data from more than 400 exchanges and offers you real-time prices and charts of more than 15,000 digital currencies.

Coincodex is therefore a reliable website to provide real-time cryptocurrency prices, price charts along with market cap data for each coin. Any trader can click on any coin to get price information, latest price, trading volume, historical high price, etc.

With extensive databases for its news portal, this platform updates the most important blockchain and cryptocurrency developments. Features such as Watchlist and Portfolio allow users to receive up-to-date news on their favorite coins.

How does the coincodex site work?

Coincodex is a data tracking tool that allows its users to check the performance of different cryptocurrencies. This feature helps users to manage their digital currency and trade it along with the market trend. The CoinCodex site includes a number of advanced features and market analysis tools that can help users make informed decisions about trading cryptocurrencies and using blockchain-based products and services. Here is a summary of the main features of the coincodex site:

  • Tracking digital currencies: Information on more than 15,000 cryptocurrencies is provided with real-time updated prices, trading data, token sale information and other important market information.
  • Digital currency price analysis: User-friendly charts and dozens of indicators and technical indicators are available for market analysis for experienced investors and even newcomers to the world of digital currencies. In addition, it offers a wide range of features such as fear and greed indicators or current market sentiments.
  • Digital currency price prediction: Price predictions are made possible by advanced algorithms for any digital asset.
  • Portfolio: Tracking the performance of assets is possible with a simple yet complete tracking in a crypto portfolio.
  • News: Following up on the latest news in the world of crypto, blockchain and web-related technologies 3.
  • Help and comments: Comprehensive reviews of your favorite crypto products and services including DeFi, exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and more.

Features of the coincodex site

Coin Codex offers a list of diverse features that set it apart from similar sites such as CoinMarketCap and has become one of the leading resources of interest to most users. Here is a list of coincodex features that we will describe below.

  • Market overview
  • Stablecoin
  • Portfolio
  • Alerts
  • ICO calendar

Market overview

coincodex market overview

The market overview provides a clear picture of the main trends in the crypto market. You can track the ratio of a cryptocurrency pair – such as BTC/ETH – and get an overview of how they are performing against each other. Charts plot between 8 predefined time frames, from 24 hours to the entire price history. You can customize the range if you need even more precision. Coincodex provides real-time online data for crypto marketcap and total market capitalization, Bitcoin dominance, trading volume and more. The marketcap market metric is very useful for comparing cryptocurrencies and helps traders to track capital growth or decline in the entire crypto market. In general, you can get more things on Coincodex site, including the market cap of each cryptocurrency and the daily trading volume of each token.


Stablecoins are crypto assets that are programmed to maintain stable value. Comprehensive data from stablecoins listed on the coincodex site provides an overview of the price, volume and value of the entire crypto market. Stablecoins come with separate widgets that make them easy to track.


coindex portfolio

Portfolio allows you to track the performance of your favorite coin in real time. All you need to do is select a cryptocurrency and its value to view its performance review.

The reason for the popularity of these portfolios can be summarized as follows:

  • Check market changes and data in real time.
  • Track your invested coins in one place.
  • Compare your cryptocurrency investments and see which one has performed the best.
  • Easily add other coins to the list that you plan to invest in in the future.

The portfolio on the coincodex site has a useful privacy tool called hide balance Is. If you don’t want others to see the currencies you hold, you can click the hide balance button to hide the value of your holdings and only show the performance of your coin against the selected fiat currency in each time frame.

Setting Alerts

Setting up an alert on the coincodex site

Apart from data tracking, the coincodex site has alert settings for price changes of users’ favorite coins in the market. This feature helps users to stay in touch with the market online and make decisions based on changing market conditions. It will send you an email when the spot price of your chosen coin crosses the price set by you. This feature reduces the time needed to check the price and you can use the same time for other things. You can set multiple alerts for different price levels. With this, you will receive email alerts if the price goes above or below the set limit.

ICO calendar

Coincodex ico calendar

The coincodex calendar allows users to receive information about new crypto projects on their watchlist. Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising model that offers digital tokens to supporters in exchange for funding. The coincodex ICO calendar has extensive information on upcoming token offerings and completed initial offerings. Coincodex lists more than 3500 ICOs.

Price prediction with coincodex

Price prediction with Coin Codex

The coincodex site explains its prediction method in good detail. Forecasts are based on sentimental analysis of market sentiment. Codex’s Coin Prediction Tool analyzes over 10,000 coins for time frames from 5 days to 1 year ahead. You can also use a digital currency calculator on the coincodex website.

CoinCodex API

The Coincodex API is still in beta. However, you can integrate the API into your website. Future updates will likely be announced.

Coincodex site guide

The training section of the coincodex site

One of the most important areas of activity of the coincodex site is to provide detailed guides to help users in the crypto market. For example, if you are a new cryptocurrency trader, you would probably like to learn more about how to get started on an exchange. The Coin Codex site offers a systematic guide on how to start your cryptocurrency trading business across many crypto platforms.

Browse crypto news on coincodex

Using the Coin Codex platform, you can check what is happening in the digital currency market anywhere and anytime. CoinCodex has announced its partnership with Metaverse Post, a crypto investment and news portal that provides information from the world of Blockchain, Web 3 and FinTech. The coincodex site has also taken another step closer to fulfilling its original mission by adding Inside Bitcoins as a trusted news source.

The user interface of the coincodex site

CoinCodex’s tools are easy to navigate, so it’s perfect for beginners who are new to crypto and learning about cryptocurrencies. Also, the coincodex site has detailed guides to help users and has good interaction with its users. In case of problems or any questions about this platform, you can go to send an email However, the coincodex site does not perform well in social media interaction and promotion. This system is not only designed for use with computers and desktops, but also optimized for mobile devices and has an Android application and iOS is too.

The introduction of the coincodex site, a practical tool for predicting the price of digital currency, was written for the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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