Is Barry Silbert responsible for Ordinals NFT and taking Bitcoin down with them?

Conspiracy time (its ok I’m an r/entp so I’m good at this). We all know the 4mb block was done in conjunction with a miner but has anyone done the research to figure out which miner? Well it was luxor [](

So I looked into luxor a bit. In the OP return they advertised their company as luxor tech, which leads here []( If you go to their website and scroll down you will see user reviews. It just so happens that their most prominent review is from Genesis, the [failed member of Digital Currency Group led by none other than Barry Silbert]( We should look at the creator of Ordinals to see if there is a link also to DCG.

The creator of Ordinals is Corey Rodarmor []( . Interesting because his only listed experience is Agora (a company he started himself and it started 12 years after he graduated with his degree) which posts data through the lightning network. Who funded him since he wasn’t making money with Agora? And where was he working 2009-2021 (that may have funded his Agora startup)? We know coinbase (Linked to digital currency group Barry Silbert) funds devs with “cool” ideas, especially it seems if they were former employees of coinbase like Fact0rn []( .

Corey has said he has led a San Francisco bitcoin meetup, Coinbase also had [headquarters in San Francisco and closed all their offices down around summer of 2021]( just after Corey started Agora. Was Corey laid off by coinbase and started agora, or did coinbase fund that startup to give Corey a soft landing from his layoff? While this does not mean that Corey is linked to Coinbase and DCG, it does raise the very real possibility.

If we look at []( we see that it will take around 50 blocks before your transaction is included in Bitcoin currently in post ordinals era. I have been monitoring this over the last several months an it usually only spikes to 15-20 blocks. I have never seen bitcoin this backed up, even when the price action was much stronger than it is now. Ordinals has significantly added delay to bitcoin transactions.

Could Barry Silbert initiated Ordinals and especially the 4mb block to garner publicity for his “burn it all down” tantrum for Bitcoin? If [he goes down]( is he taking everyone else with him? I think the possibility is real.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. It’s a false problem. Your bitcoin transaction will get included in the next block if you pay a high enough fee.

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