Is it possible for a fork to allow centralised entities to claim bitcoin from wallets? | Craig Wright Legal Case

As the title suggests, I recently came across news of Craig Wright’s legal battle as the self proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. The legal case is petitioning to have the developers “change the code”, in a fork of sorts, to allow them to access Satoshi’s bitcoin. This raises the question of whether this is even possible. Suppose the devs managing bitcoin were pressured or changed their minds, would it be possible for them to rug tokens from any wallet as Craig is requesting? Or is this simply not possible due to the encryption standards used.

Here’s the link for more details:

I’m not an expert with bitcoin and it’s development.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. It is technically possible if every node operator decides that it is in their own interests to download and run said update. This would mean subjecting their own coins to the same rules. I’m fairly certain that most node operators would not prefer such an ability to enter their bitcoin network. Also it is my impression that most node operators don’t give a shit about Craig Wright.

  2. That’s a hardfork, And the community won’t switch to that hardfork, therefor it’s worthless. If Craig was Satoshi he’d know better than this. This is just more proof he’s not Satoshi.

  3. You can fork Bitcoin and give yourself every single coin, just like you can decide to play basketball with a tennis racket. The question is who will follow you?

  4. If this is possible, it would raise many concerns around the so called “trustless” and “decentralised” claims of bitcoin. Would be a bad look for crypto. Please be honest and don’t worry about the FUD. It’s about truth here, and if this is an issue we can petition the devs to change the code to prevent this ever being possible. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible due to the cryptography methods used so far, but would be great to have a second opinion.

  5. Any fork would exist parallel to the main chain. So certain scam artists that don’t deserve mentioning might get their fork, but no self respecting bitcoiner (or node runner) would actually adopt the chain and authenticate transactions on a chain that contains the change giving shitheels access to coins that don’t belong to them.

  6. You can create a fork right now that allows you to claim every bitcoin for yourself. You can even run that fork and claim them all. Nobody else can be forced to run it though.

  7. Never was and never will be satoahi will never get any bitcoin off the fork that matters lol

  8. Node operators know that if this happens bitcoin will lose all of its value so they never gonna approve this ridiculous proposal

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