Is SBF a 'pawn' and 'useful idiot' in a bigger plot to take down crypto industry? – Mark Yusko

Mark Yusko, CEO, Founder, and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management joined Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, to discuss the FTX collapse, whether Sam Bankman-Fried was ‘money laundering’ for U.S. politicians, FTX’s links to the Ukrainian government, and the claim that SBF was a ‘useful idiot’ to take down the crypto industry.

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0:00 – SBF’s media treatment
6:26 – Fraud allegations against SBF
12:30 – SBF and Caroline Ellison as ‘useful idiots’
22:48 – Ukraine and FTX connections
24:00 – Indications of fraud
26:18 – FTX’s ‘money laundering’
29:16 – Crypto’s threat to TradFi
35:19 – Regulatory arbitrage in crypto
41:50 – FTX and contagion

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download Is SBF a 'pawn' and 'useful idiot' in a bigger plot to take down crypto industry? – Mark Yusko

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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. If i remember correctly I hear something that bloomberg said "it's bad for business" in coffeezilla video..

  2. Yes and he knows it… that's why he's speaking about it freely because he knows nothing is going to happen to him.
    The Dems and whoever else was included will protect him.

  3. Maybe one of your best interviews Michelle. Mr. Yusko has insights that none of us would have ever heard, from anyone. Thank you!

  4. I wouldn't be so quick to call SBF a pawn or an idiot. Sometimes the mastermind pretends to be a fool so that they can hide in plain sight…like the old man in Squid Game or Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects. Don't be surprised if SBF suddenly escapes the Bahamas and vanishes 😉

  5. SBF is not going to jail just like other J-committed financial criminals. However, cryptos are worse than the Ponzi scheme. Even worst, Ponzi didn't invent his own coin, but now anyone can create their own cryptos…stop promoting cryptos, it just back by nothing.

  6. Naw, he's just a garden variety Ponzi criminal, crypto's been a dumpster fire for the last year, going to get worse.

  7. If he is not punished – then the entire financial sector is marked as rotten. Does anybody seriously want this?

  8. Mark’s “suppositions” are some of the strongest takes I’ve heard on this whole thing. It’s clear this thing runs DEEP

  9. I am in agreement with just about everything Mark said… I will play devil's advocate for a moment… Wouldn't a true mastermind convince you they weren't one? Using that logic, maybe Sam is the mastermind but clever enough to create a persona that makes that seem impossible. Sort of the famous Usual Suspects quote "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist?"

  10. ,👍 but with my long investment life experience, I didn't really subscribe to learn finance from you. Rather, I just enjoyed your remarkable communication skills, and your ability to take complicated and sometimes convoluted concepts and make them both understandable and interesting. You have a great, seemingly innate gift in this regard. With that gift, I know it would have been easy for you to become self-satisfied, The fact that you are so open and so readily willing to share those financial errors makes you a very special, very rare communicator. I plan to hodl and trade cryptocurrency. Assets, for as long as possible. I made my choice many years back when I bought my first Bitcoin, Currently I hardly use fiat anymorebecause I have USDT as worthy alternative. Trading my assets with Thomas. Fuller trade signal, i have been able to day trade and accumulate over 12 btc with an elementary of a 4.1 btc in a short while

  11. YES…
    Dems and Banking and money launderers for Elites… all while destroying their main threat to their control matrix.

  12. Tottaly agree, "somoene" is very afraid and is trying a Takedown of Crypto, using all the things possible.
    But is inevitable, Crypto is people… and they are just starting!!!
    Great interview!!!

  13. I agree with your allegations and suppositions, and I was wondering the same things myself the past few days. I hope this can be proved and I hope the rule of law ultimately presides in this matter, because if he walks around free after this, then many will lose faith just as many lost their investments. Something weird is going on here. Those who are able to expose this please step up to the plate, just as Mark has done.

  14. I believe the likelihood that SBF was a pawn is valid. Gary Gensler authorized, enabled, and may have orchestrated the fraud. No one seems to account for the fact that the takedown occurred days after the US elections.

  15. If this guy and everyone who is associated with him doesn’t go to prison then this country is truly run by a bunch of gangsters.

  16. As a former member of Monty Python , this guy is kinda paranoid. I liked him better in The Holy Grail.

  17. lol, right. 99.999% of crypto is a giant scam. Ponzi cubed. You know, I know it . 20,000 worthless gambling tokens.

  18. omg – I think Mark may have jumped the shark here with the conspiracy theory. All these blow-up’s are due the evil banking systems attacks on crypto. Not the irresponsible, unethical, greedy slime balls the permeate (or least used to permeate the industry).

    I guess none of the people who laughing at SBF’s joke there had any money at ftx.

    That slime-ball between the millions he donated to the dems and his parents connections is going to get off scott free

  19. all these big shots couldn't produce two better looking kids then Caroline and SFB.

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