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Know the best Tezos (XTZ) wallets

If you are thinking of investing in Tezos digital currency you need to be familiar with the appropriate wallets for this currency. Of course, before that, it is better to read the article “What is Tezos” and familiarize yourself with this token and its network. Then, you can buy Tezos token and transfer it to Tezos currency wallets.

In this article, we are going to introduce some examples of the best Tezos wallets so that you can choose one to store your Tezos token.

Introducing Tezos digital currency

Tezos A blockchain based network Smart contracts (Smart Contract) that with Proof of stake protocol (POS) works. The proof-of-stake protocol on the Tezos blockchain allows shareholders who own some of the blockchain’s native token, XTZ, to vote on the development of the network. The Tezos token is currently ranked 45th among the top digital currencies and is traded at $0.95.

The Tezos blockchain was first developed in 2014 by a couple named Kathleen Breitman And Arthur Breitman Launched. During an initial token offering (ICO) in 2017, Tezos was able to raise $232 million in capital for network development.

All kinds of Tezos currency wallets

Some popular wallets, such as hardware wallets Ledger And Trezor and software wallet Trust Volt And metamsk, they support most digital currencies and are suitable for storing this currency as Tezos wallets. So, in the following, we will introduce XTZ cryptocurrency wallets.

Kukai wallet

Kukai wallet One of the Tezos currency wallets is an exclusive option Staking And Baking It gives the token to its users. This open source online wallet has both Android and desktop versions. If you have this wallet app on your mobile phone, you can access your Tezos assets anywhere. Kukai wallet private keys give you access to the web version of the wallet. So you should be more careful in keeping these private keys.

One of the best features and benefits of Kukai wallet is its offline service. That means you can do your transactions without internet access. In this case, your assets are not at risk of being attacked or hacked, providing you with a high level of security.

Other positive features of the wallet include its simple user interface, which allows beginners to use it. All transaction details and staking and baking features are clear for users. Even, the transaction fee is clearly displayed to the user and there is nothing hidden in it.

AirGap wallet

This mobile wallet in Android versions and iOS presented. AirGap It uses hardware wallets to keep users’ assets safe. For this reason, it can be a good alternative to hardware wallets that have a relatively high price.

One of the biggest disadvantages of all software wallets is the lack of service in case of internet outage. That is, until you connect to the Internet, no service will be provided to you. But the AirGap wallet can also be used offline. For this reason, it has good security and is considered one of the most suitable wallets for Tezos currency.

In this wallet, there are two parts called AirGap Wallet And AirGap Vault There is. The first part, which is the wallet, is used to store digital currencies. But the second part is the treasury, which is dedicated to the transactions. The connection of this wallet with the exchange allows you to exchange tokens. In this way, you can buy Tezos and save it in one environment. The last and most important positive feature of this wallet is the possibility of baking the Tezos token.

Magnum wallet

Magnum wallet With its very simple user interface, it allows you to manage all assets in a shopping cart. This wallet is very safe and simple, so even beginners in the digital currency market can use it. In addition to being one of the Tezos currency wallets, this wallet also supports other digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and hundreds of other digital currencies. Internal exchange is one of the positive features of Magnum wallet. This internal exchange allows users to exchange digital currency without the need for third-party clients. How to buy and sell Tezos digital currency in this wallet is very simple and everyone can do it.

Magnum digital currency wallet

It is possible to manage and store more than 100 digital currencies in the Magnum wallet. Another feature of this wallet is depositing tokens and making money from them. Finally, it should be kept in mind that Magnum wallet is a web wallet and does not work without internet access. But it has the ability to connect to hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor, which can affect the security of your digital assets.

Guarda wallet

Among the well-known digital currency wallets, definitely the name Guarda wallet have you heard This wallet is designed to provide services for storing digital assets with high security. With the help of this wallet, you can easily store and manage your assets. This wallet is available in desktop, mobile and web versions. All private keys and user data of this wallet are not stored on any server, and for this reason, your information and property will be very secure.

Guarda wallet supports many digital currencies; But one of the main ones is standard tokens ERC-20 And BEP-2 Cited. Other features of this wallet include 24-hour support and receiving specific transaction fees immediately after transactions. Of course, one of the main disadvantages of this wallet is the high transaction fees. For each transaction, this wallet deducts 3.5% of it as a fee, which is a high percentage compared to other Tezos currency wallets.

Guarda wallet

Atomic wallet

Another Tezos currency wallet, Atomic software wallet It is available in desktop, mobile and web versions. Of course, it should be noted that the mobile version of this wallet is only synchronized with Android and does not have an IOS version. This wallet supports more than 300 digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos and all ERC-20 standard tokens.

Atomic wallet with its simple user interface is suitable for beginners. This wallet also provides its users with many features that are not limited to storing digital currency. Peer-to-peer exchange is another important feature of this wallet.

Binance wallet

According to many analysts, the Binance exchange is one of the best exchange wallets on the market today. Binance wallet is one of the Tezos currency wallets that supports more than 150 digital currencies for storage. All digital currencies including Tezos supported by this wallet are also exchangeable. The user interface of this wallet is a bit complicated and it is better for users to get help from training videos before using it.

Binance wallet

Storing digital currency in this wallet is completely free; But transactions are done with a 0.1% fee deduction. This wallet is one of the best platforms for storing and exchanging Tezos digital currency. In addition to the Binance wallet, the Binance exchange is also one of the best exchanges for buying and selling digital currency.

The best Tezos currency wallets

After reviewing the above wallets and their pros and cons, we want to come to a conclusion and compare them. Before choosing one of the introduced wallets, it is better to examine the table below and choose the most suitable option according to your needs.

Name of the wallet Type of wallet security Interface
Kukai wallet Android and desktop software Top Easy 5
AirGap wallet Android and IOS software Top Easy 5
Magnum wallet Web based software Rather High Easy 5
Guarda wallet Desktop, Android, IOS and web software Rather High Easy 5
Atomic wallet Desktop, Android and web software Top Easy 5
Binance wallet Web based software Top Relatively hard 2

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