Living WITHOUT a home charger – five months/13000km in Audi E-Tron

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0:00 Intro
01:06 Something very important
02:41 Street parking does not concern me, right?
03:40 What about getting to work without charging?
05:39 What about shopping and chores?
06:42 How do you manage long trips?
08:22 What much does all of this charging out cost?
12:13 Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
12:43 Conclusion time

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  1. It’s supposed to be 10l/100km, but the price per km (1,4NOK) is still correct 😊

  2. Hi. I have home charger that deliver 22kw with fixed price of 1,6 NOk pr Kw. 
    Will this be enough for future cars?

  3. Hi Kris, thanks for sharing your experience – it has definitely had a role in convincing me to go completely electric instead of getting a hybrid! I have a question regarding the charging…you said that the car needs to be able to receive the 150kW charging speed. I'm about to get an Audi e-tron, probably this week. :o) Do I need to add any option to the vehicle to take advantage of the fast charge availability?

  4. Can we get conversation in GBP please, ain't got a club what the diff with Kronas!

  5. Vi kjøpte vår første elektriske bil i dag, en Metallic rød Volvo Cx40. Gleder oss til sommeren, når den kommer! 🤗

  6. As the owner of 2 EVs, own garage, and two charging points, I would not recommend anyone to have an EV without their own parking spot and a charging point on it. Too much hassle to do ABC (always be charging).

  7. Hai Kris, try to talk a little bit less with your hands, your comments are very restless because of that. Thnx for all the super video's!

  8. Off topic, but It would be interesting to see how the tire pressure affects efficiency. I hear quite often that this is very important for electrical cars due to road resistance. And we known how easily tire pressure changes in winter time.

  9. For the downtown Oslo parking you are showing, max parking time is 3h at daytime. The chargers have been upgraded to 30A single phase (6.9 kW), thus you would get ~20 kWh from 3h with the e-tron. The problem is then to find another place to park for the rest of the day (and time to walk back and forth to the office). If you have not gotten a ticket yet for parking >3h, you have used up all your luck 😉

  10. Kris, in your XC90 Diesel comparison you never even added any parking fees for a non-EV. Though I guess you never drove it into town for work anyway and took the train, but on days where you needed to run other errands you might’ve had the car.
    Thank you for the video, I have potential home charging but still go out usually as there are free charging options as well.

  11. If you get to 20k subscribers, test the e-tron in -36°C as Bjorn did with his past model X.

  12. Hi Kris. Many thanks for all your nice videos. I'm an Audi product trainer in France and the fact you share your user experience is very useful for me. So…I suscribe with pleasure. Looking forward to see more. Cheers !

  13. Smells to me like the oil is running out and they are gaslighting us into believing it's to save the penguins from melting or some other bs…

  14. EV only will be a proper solution if:
    A) charging is, effectively, cheaper;
    B) There are more charging points;
    C) Real range is higher; and, most importantly
    D) cars get cheaper to buy.

  15. I don’t believe for a second that sales of ICE cars will be banned within 9 years let alone 4 years like in Norway. No chance!

  16. Thank your for this video. A good example of real life experience with real cost driving with EV.

  17. I'm not a huge fan of wasting energy for completely mindless road trip challenges whatnot, but speaking of going to the north pole, I might actually be interested in seeing someone hit that new HPC in Honningsvag.

  18. Dosen't have home charging at all. Works nice then I had even Nissan Leaf to use only 50 kW chargers. None battery degradion at all. And now using Renault Zoe Z.E 50 still without home charging. Can get home charger but the power is too tiny for the transformer to work. 230V 6A is too little, need at least 8A to work. So public chargers 2 km away from me cost me 15 NOK/hour 8:0020:00 and max parking time is 3 hours, and after 20:00 to 8:00 on morning is 5 NOK/hour. And the best of the best is charger is 22 kW chargers and the car supports 22 kW on AC. Fully battery takes only 3 hours from empty to full and have at least 346 km of range on winter and in comparison is the km price 0,13 NOK/km = 1,3 NOK/10 km. That is pretty cheap in comparison. Summer range is between 360 km to 452 km. Still same charging time.

    I have to grow to at least 1,5K subs soon as possible. Hope more will subscribe to my channel to, more subs more contents and more fun. No car dealer want to borrow me car then I don't have under 1,5K subscribers anyway.

  19. I don't have access to home charger and it works fine for me too!
    I live in Sweden and we have Bee/Clever chargers. They offer a subscription for 399SEK/month where you can charge up to 450kWh/month!
    For me it's enough to go and fast charge about 30-45 minutes a week. I just drive to a charger and watch youtube (or take a walk) while waiting.

    We have access to only 12 chargers at my work (with 5000 employes) so they are always occupied by stinky hybrids.

    Thank you for the great videos btw!

  20. You food shop for 2 or 3 hours? Wow, I must be doing something wrong. Lol. If I’m in the supermarket for more than 15 minutes then it’s been a slow shop. 🙂

  21. i also don't use home charger, in two just maybe just couple of times
    usually just recharge on public charger and this is enough

  22. Great video as usual. I also don't have a home charger installed yet since I get free charging at work so my cost per km is $0 😍

  23. Regarding consumpton of the XC90 Example: 1L of diesel per 100KM? I think you meant to say 10L per 100KM else the calculation is not correct.. Although calculating consumption is interesting, the main cost of owning a new vehicle is depreciation. (50-70% of the cost where I live) Can you also make a comparison for this between an ICE verhicle and Electric?

  24. Very well done Kris, your skills in putting interesting scenes together has improved a lot (especially the metrowalk and shopping were very good ideas)
    Maybe it would be a good idea to give a reference point to more common currencies when you brake down costs. Many of your viewers are outside of norway and have no clue how the NOK relates to € or $
    Living with an EV without the possibility of Homecharging is much more complicated here in germany you are living in the country of milk and honey for EVers

  25. Hi,i think your math is wrong.Volvo's consumption is more like 8L/100 km,no way it is 1L/100 km

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