Today let’s talk about Bitcoin heading to $100,000 according to a Bloomberg analyst. Also, Mark Cuban takes a huge dump on Cardano. Is he right?

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Market Update
2:27 Wall Street Update
2:50 Cathie Wood
4:10 Marc Cuban | Cardano
8:30 Tornado Cash
10:36 Portnoy | Safemoon
11:24 Mike McGlone | $100K BTC
13:18 Charts
14:52 Robinhood
15:05 AVAX | NFT | Games
16:28 Stellar | Smart Contracts
18:10 Theta | Samsung | Fold 4
19:18 Q&A

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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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    🔥CryptosRus' Best Crypto Exchanges Guide:

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    🔥CryptosRus' Merchandise, NFTs and Articles:

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  3. Mark Cuban is inconsequential especially when it comes to cryptos.

    My advice to anyone is to do the exact opposite of what he says he is fully invested in. He has no convictions and most of his crypto investments have been chasing shadows (after the momentum), this probably explains why he keeps getting burnt.

  4. I bet there is a 50 IQ difference between Cuban and our genius…

  5. Mark Cuban is a speculator. He doesn't no nothing about crypto., tecnology fundamentals, consensus.

  6. Mark Cuban making himself look like a fool. There’s criticisms to make about Cardano but dogecoin?? 😂

    Talking your book doesn’t get more blatant.

  7. I don't like these types of videos. I don't care about these stupid fudes oh my alt coin is better than yours. Who fu*king cares. Trade them hold them long but don't get personally attached.

  8. You totally blew all of that out of context with Mark Cuban, I watched the interview, he even said this would happen when he was saying it, and was saying it in the context of trying to be hopeful for Cardano… lol I guess anything for clicks…

  9. People forget that Cuban used to hate and trash crypto and couldn't understand it.

  10. A high profile windbag prefers a meme coin. Of course. But we don't have a lot to do right now while we wait for the Vasil hard fork, so why not use up some of the surplus oxygen in the room?

  11. MULTI cryptocurrency can go up more than 200%. Buy before it's too late. You are warned………………

  12. Cardano stake and bake. We're steady building and growing even in the down trend.

  13. Ada my main holding I just keep buying. Amazing project constantly improving and so many use cases. Hundreds of projects building on it from nfts, to metaverse to exchanges it doesn't stop.

  14. Mark Cuban is such a good crypto picker. Just look at his track record. Lol 🙂

  15. Cardano gets what it deserves , this project is taking a freaking age just to get going. Hoskinson is taking his sweet time , he doesn't give a crap about the amount of time it's taking.

  16. Your dog poop title could push people away from Cardano. He didn’t say he hated Ada and he had the same thoughts about Ethereum as well.

  17. cardano in my opinion has too much competition. Soooo many other projects claiming to be a better ETH. I think the next best ETH is ETH by upgrading it over time. Any other project will have to do the same over time too.

  18. Treasury should blacklist N. Korean hackers using Tornado Cash. Why are they going after US citizens? How does freezing US citizens' money address the N. Korean issue?

  19. Did Mark Biden-Cuban say something? I was watching Charles H. ,,, I must have missed it.

  20. how come nobody talks about Alex Becker shitting on Cardano all the time. Cuban knows nothing about crypto, but Becker is very involved in it.

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