NerdOut: How To Kill Cardano

What are some ways that Cardano could be shut down? How can these be mitigated?

Charles on Governance –
KtorZ CIP –

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  1. Could you like lead line a server or something to protect it from a solar flare?? Or incase the code in thick lead if that occurred, so it's safe??? I am concerned for solar flares because supposedly the chance will be more likely apparently in the next few years based on earth and sun positions. If we knew a solar flare was coming, could we pause everything and unplug quickly saving everything software wise underground??

  2. You are a big value to us nerds in the Cardano community, Andrew. Keep on doing this!

  3. I like this idea a lot. Is it possible to do "how to kill" as a series and incorporate a few more chains? Could be great knowledge!

  4. I agree with you on the governance issue. It is a complicated problem to resolve in a healthy sustainable way for the near term. I am confident we will get there in the end. Albeit via a trial-and-error early train.

  5. There is one another way to kill cardano ( or at least to cripple it). If majority of SPO's run multiple block producers with different TX mempool size set at each BP, then the network gets flooded by forks.

  6. awesome, Andrew. To the extent you suggested bringing that Linux guy to CF may be tied to future governance issues that was a new thought for me and exciting.

  7. Hi Andrew, when Cardano reaches governance, and IOG steps back, what will happen to the seven keys?

  8. To fight centralization, Is there a way for pool operators to come together to deny block validation of blocks produced by a list of pools? For example, to deincentivize large entities like Binance or Coinbase to control such a large stake ?

  9. Something that many ppl do not mention is the fact that many SPOs choose to host their infrastructure using highly centralised services such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. I have noticed before when AWS had downtime not too long ago that transaction speeds on ADA were much slower than usual (ofc this could be unrelated also). I'm pretty sure in the SPO guide docs they tell people to use Azure as well, but i think that might just b due to them being old.

    Is there a list out there of all SPOs and their current host?

  10. Saw the video title and thought you'd gone rogue for a second 😂

  11. Your knowledge of Cardano and the code is impressive. Interesting stuff

  12. Really cool video Andrew! It’s fun to explore topics like this because it sheds light on how we can improve 🙂

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