New BTCPay Server Plugin that accepts any crypto and converts it into BTC

Hi, community, it’s Trocador’s team here. We have released a new BTCPay Server plugin that accepts many altcoins and convert them into Bitcoin. The plugin also works with JavaScript disabled (as all other Trocador’s components). This was possible thanks to our previous work on our [AnonPay Gateway](

***Main features:***

* allows the customer to pay in any cryptocurrency easily “on-the-fly” by Trocador;
* is customizable according to store colors, specific settings like naming payments in fiat, or changing the name of the payment method;
* also works for donations;
* can include any amount to be sent;
* works even in browsers with javascript disabled;
* store can choose which currency to receive, for example BTC;
* can be integrated into any store system that accepts the BTCPay server (like woocommerce);

***Example video:***

***Example video without JavaScript:***

To enable the plugin, go to the /server/plugins page of your instance and look for Trocador. Then click on the Trocador icon in the sidebar and click on Enable plugin.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. I must say it’s the first plugin built by somebody who is not a BTCPay core contributor! Big milestone for us!

  2. BTC pay server is f-en amazing.

    Not only do you bypass the banks. You by pass 100% of the other crummy paygates like PayPal, stripe etc AND I’ve recently seen software companies implement Bitcoin payments but they take 1 or 2% . You can bypass them as well!

    Bypass everyone to get 100% your money!

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