New Doge Faucet! My Hourly Live Stream Faucet Now Supports Dogecoin Payouts!

Approximately 21 days ago I started the live stream faucet and have been offering Banano payouts to the viewers after testing a lot of stuff and ironing out all the commands, I am now offering Dogecoin payouts on it!

**Twitch stream faucet link**

[]( | [](

**YouTube stream faucet link**

[]( |[]( (sorry for my face lol)

Usage guide

Using your **free twitch prime sub** gets you a VIP badge, custom emotes, and a discord VIP role. It supports me in making projects like these. Thank you. Subbing is not a requirement but greatly appreciated also you don’t get to see any ads so that’s a plus!

Both platforms require you to follow/subscribe to earn points you get 50 points for doing so the first time.

Then chat at least once for the points to start crediting. Chatting more earns you more points. Using commands like !points is not considered chatting.

**!points** shows you how many points you have accumulated

**!give 100 zoyanx** will deduct 100 points from your total points and add it to my points

**!top** shows the biggest bag holder of live stream faucet points

**!wt** shows you your watch time

**!duel zoyanx 100** | will start a duel with me for 100 points if I !accept the duel the system will randomly choose one winner and give 100 points to the winner by deducting 100 points from the loser

**There are currently 2 packages you can buy for DogeCoin:**

**”!buy 1doge** zoyanx#1469″ for 3000 points

Please ensure you change my discord id with yours unless you want to buy dogecoin for me kek

DogeCoin redemption is manual so please be patient.

**!faucet 100 is an hourly command that reserves your 100 points and gives back 110 points. You can use this command every hour to maximize the points you can earn on the stream.**

**!quote** gives out a random quote. There are currently 3 quotes in it provided by yours truly. Need your suggestions to add more!

**I have disabled all the gambling commands cause never !gambol**

Gambling commands will be activated occasionally but the odds of winning are super low considering it is rigged. That should deter you from using it even if it doubles your points. You have been warned!

Many other games and in-stream events like polls, quizzes, etc. increase your points, so keep a lookout or follow discord alert.

Remember we are only 21 days young there will be hiccups and things changing rapidly. Please be understanding and feel free to give feedback.



Today we did a major update and moved from one live stream bot to another. Carried all the points and Viewer data over. Funds are SAFU.

We got alerts working finally along with buying crypto alerts how cool is that!

Please note that points earned are separate for youtube and twitch and do not sync with each other.

Yes, you can watch both at the same time and earn twice the points for those who are curious. 😉

There will be no major changes coming to the live-stream faucets anytime soon. I will focus on my other projects and hopefully get 8 hours of sleep.

There will be periodic content refreshes and ironing out of the commands.


Gave away over 2500 Bananos!

Added new stream overlay

Revived YT stream after fixing breaking issues

**Added Nano, Doge, and Reddit Moons redeem option**

Added cross-platform chat between yt, twitch, and discord

Added sponsored banner space

**I look forward to seeing you all hang out on the stream, have fun, and make some DogeCoin!**


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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