Nick Spanos saves a marketer’s day

So the other day we met Nick Spanos, the famous early Bitcoin adopter and evangelist.
Nick agreed to go live in a webinar officially run on our LinkedIn, where he shared – next to his opinions on what (to him) constitutes the perfect pitch – his ideas for the web3 development, and how to best angle the issue of fundraising. Tough subjects, generally speaking.

So I’m writing this post on Reddit – Chris Pytel here, Content Producer at 10Clouds, on a Friday afternoon CET, with the hopes of promoting positivity and making no fake interactions, but knowing that playing it by the marketing book is the last thing I want to do. Still, my focus inevitably goes to bringing value. It has to.

And I’m thinking what would web3 afficionados like yourselves find valuable, as I know Nick Spanos is a type of man who gets all the attention he deserves in the blockchain development world.

I might just drop the webinar recording and tell how interesting it is to watch (it is).

[So I did.](

I could then link to the article covering the concept of a blockchain OS, originating from Nick Spanos’s utterances during the webinar.

[So I did.](

And heck If I didn’t do the job right sharing the valuable. It’s you guys who will know best what to do with that knowledge. But here it is – first hand and highly applicable, under those two links above.

For visual/aural experience, go for the video (it’s SFW).
For a more analytical/skimmer type of consumption, go for the text

I can only wish you a time well spent, and a happy weekend.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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