oWaW Wednesday – #17 – On The Way Up

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Hey all, GoodShibe here!

Always nice to see some upward momentum in the charts, even if it’s almost immediately pulled back down by people selling off in droves. Ah, well, ’tis the crypto way, it seems. Some folks, as soon as they see a flicker of green, they just want to make a run for the exit; others are hoping to sell at the top and catch it again once it drops a tad.

It’s a tried and true strategy that works a good chunk of the time… until it doesn’t. There’s no shortage of people who sold DOGE at the start of the last run thinking that 1 cent, 5 cents, even 10 cents was the top.

Like so many things in life, if you choose to gamble – or, in that case, time the market – sometimes you’re going to get caught with your pants way down around your ankles when the rocket takes off.

All this to say: Play safe, my friends, and know the potential risks. I’ve seen people who carefully day-traded their way over weeks and months or more into 80, 90, 100+% profits only to watch them burn away *just that fast* when the afterburners kicked in.

Much Love,


**Dogecoin in the News:**

– [Dogecoin (DOGE) Grows 7% as Elon Musk Rolls Out New Twitter Features](

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– Bronze the Doge is Funded! – [Kabosu’s Bronze Statue will be erected in her favorite park in Sakura, Japan!](

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– [Lords of Dogetown]( just launched on

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**Upcoming Dogecoin Events:**

– [DOGE-1 is scheduled to launch no earlier than March 2023](

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hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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