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Paligan supports artists in cooperation with Mastercard

Mastercard, a well-known name in payment and financial services, is partnering with Polygon Network to bring together music artists, their fans and industry professionals through a Web 3.0 accelerator program. According to the announcement of this company, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator course will start in the spring of next year with a live performance of the artists.

According to Valx and quoted by Zycrypto, the purpose of this course is to familiarize musicians, DJs and music producers with tools such as Mint Token NFT, to share their works on Web 3. These tokens allow access to special events and exclusive works. By participating in the course, fans can earn an exclusive and limited NFT token called MasterCard Music Pass, which gives them access to exclusive learning resources.

Raja Rajammanar, Mastercard’s senior director of marketing and public relations, called this collaboration an opportunity to nurture budding artists and added:

Music is a universal art that inspires and influences us and brings us closer to each other; However, it is a tough field for new artists to break into. With the help of Mastercard Accelerator Program, we are looking to expand access and provide more communication with advanced Web 3 technology.

Polygon Studios, the creator of the Polygon Blockchain, is optimistic that the program will connect a new generation of artists with blockchain technology. He also hopes that by this means he can prepare the ground for people’s familiarity with this technology.

The publication of this announcement caused the price of Polygan to increase to $0.8104. The price of this digital currency has grown by 5.79% since last week. MATIC currency is the tenth largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market value of more than 7 billion dollars.

Paligan cooperation with Mastercard is another big win for this network. So far, this network has managed to sign cooperation contracts with big brands such as Starbucks, Nike and Instagram.

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